If you are planning a holiday to Florida following some weight loss but want to continue your plan when you return then here are some tips to help you.

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Florida is known as the sunshine state. A perfect place to visit when you have lost weight and want to be able to wear shorts all holiday and show off your new body. If you still have weight to lose though you don’t want to be going too off plan on holiday do you? Here are a few tips to help.

Check food options at venues

Different attractions will have different options regarding food and food courts. When you book to visit an attraction you should also be checking what the available options are. This way you can plan in advance to eat at the most suitable place for all your family.

Look at local restaurants away from attractions too for some different ideas. These Panama City beach restaurants sound lovely.

When purchasing Florida tickets don’t forget to also take into account the cost of food at the attraction. Check out if you can take things with you or what is available nearby as you may choose to eat nearby to save money or for healthier options.

Choose carefully how to use your snack credits if you have the Disney dining plan to make sure you save money and calories where you can!

Don’t rule out healthy food for the whole holiday

If some attractions don’t really have eateries that fit your plan then don’t write off the whole holiday. If you save money on your Florida holiday by checking out all the tips available on flights, sunscreen, hotels and such then you will have more money to be flexible about where you eat the other days.

Consider the holiday a proper holiday

Instead of worrying too much about your weight why not consider that this is maybe two weeks out of a 52-week year? You have probably saved some time to have this holiday and want to enjoy it. Why spend all holiday worrying about your weight when you could be having fun?

There are some really unique foods and drinks at Disney World do you want to miss out on that memory with your family? Of course, the choice is yours but this is definitely something to consider.

Think size

Whatever you eat, however healthy it is, remember to consider your portion sizes. Bigger portions of unhealthy food will do a lot more damage than a standard portion. If you can eat reasonable portion sizes, drink plenty of water and add a salad to a meal where possible it will definitely help.

Perhaps just by thinking about the amount you eat this could be enough to not gain weight whilst you are on holiday or to not gain as much as you might have.

Have you been to Florida? Do you have any recommendations of places to eat or places to avoid?

To read all my posts with tips and experiences of various diets, exercises and lots more check out my comprehensive Weight Loss section.

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