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I love my life but I often still spend time dreaming about if I had more money and could live a life of luxury. We all do that don’t we? I love London and whilst I couldn’t imagine living there with all the hustle and bustle every day I would love to visit more. When we recently went down we drove past some lovely apartments, well out of our reach close to Kensington Palace. With those in mind I thought I would share with you my ideas for a luxury week in London.

foyer in luxury home with spiral staircase

Where would we stay?

I would love to stay in the Kensington area as it looked so lovely on our recent visit. There are such lovely areas to walk yet it is so close to the centre too which is perfect for shopping, the theatre and eating out.

Staying in Serviced apartments Kensington would be perfect as it would be so much more relaxing than a basic hotel. Whilst it is more money this would be my first choice if money was no problem and we wanted a week in London.

An apartment would feel more like a home from home than a hotel room. Of course, this would include all we would need for our stay so no having to pop out for champagne or beer either!

What would we do in the evening?

I would love to get the best seats for a show and travel there in luxury with a chauffeured car. Feeling look after from beginning to end with no stress of the underground and busy stations.

Of course, the chauffeur would take us for a nice meal first. For me, a nice meal would be at one of the top chefs’ restaurants like Heston Blumenthal’s Mandarin Oriental at Hyde Park, or perhaps the Ritz. Either way, a nice meal would be a perfect start to the evening.

What would we do during the day?

During the day we would browse the shops with a car to take all our purchases off our hands whenever needed. I would love to be able to shop all the designer brands without even needing to look at price tags and just chose things I love. Knowing me I would probably love the cheapest items anyway!

I would love to private hire a pod on the London Eye to enjoy with just Ben and Stuart so we can see all the sights of London. This would be followed by a trip along the Thames on a private boat to see London from the River. I do get a bit scared on boats though so maybe this wouldn’t be a great idea and we should try London by air with a helicopter instead? Not that I am great with flying but it has to be better than water! It would be such a unique way to see all London has to offer without the hustle and bustle of the city.

How would you spend a luxury week in London if money was no object and you wanted to treat yourself? Would you choose similar things to me or prefer to enjoy the busy city?

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