One of the best bits about Christmas is the build-up I think. Do you agree? Christmas music in shops, light switch-on events in town centres, putting the Christmas tree up and, of course, Advent calendars! The countdown to Christmas is so much fun.

As usual, I am sharing with you my favourite finds for 2021. Some of these were sent to me to consider sharing with you, others I just love the look of! Do comment and let me know which are your favourites.

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The best Advent Calendars for Children

Play chocolate set

PLAYin CHOC is a unique gift idea with each box containing two chocolates and a little puzzle. There are sets like the one above with 6 boxes in for £15 or advent calendars with 24 boxes (£55) or 12 boxes (£27.50) to make a fun and tasty gift for the little one who loves chocolate and little puzzles! Check out the PLAYin CHOC website for more details and to buy.

Have you ever heard of a Badgevent Calendar? It is an amazing new idea so you would be forgiven for not having seen it before but I know you will like it. Instead of little chocolates or gifts that will never get used the recipient gets a new badge each day which then fit together to make one epic design and a challenge with something to do! It is £45 from the Pawprint family.

Peppa pig advent calendar

If you need to buy a child an Advent Calendar then you can’t go wrong with the cheap Kinnerton ones for around 99p. If you are on a budget don’t feel you have to buy a flashy one full of toys, this one will be just fine or another with a different character on!

The best food and drink Advent Calendars

I love gin and I know many of you do too. The Boutique-y Gin Company 12 Dram collection is perfect as 12 days of Christmas style Advent. Each of the drams is a different gin which you can see listed on the website but I won’t spoil it for you. Check it out on Master of Malt for £30.

This is a 25-day advent calendar packed full of unique and tasty candyfloss. Yes, that’s right, candyfloss! Behind each door is a tub of flavoured candyfloss and sweet quirky quotes to sweeten your day. You’ll find flavours such as strawberry cheesecake, toffee, apple & cinnamon, chocolate orange, banoffee pie and many more. Buy this for £34.99 from JB Treat Carts.

The calendar is also huge! With 225g of chocolate, it is 57cms high! With 10 different flavours of Fairtrade milk, dark and white chocolate wrapped up in Christmas colours; almond, hazelnut, nougat, sea salt, caramel, pretzel, freeze-dried raspberry, popping sugar. Tony’s source their cocoa from the Ivory Coast and Ghana where the worst problems are with slave labour, they are deliberately raising setting an example to the entire chocolate industry by paying fair and living wages. Read more on the website! This calendar is £19.99 from Shoppompom.

tea advent from bird and blend

The Bird & Blend Tea Advent Calendar is a lovely 24-day tea calendar with different teas each day including daily acts of happiness with them too. The Bird & Blend teabags are plastic-free and each day contains a different flavour, all themed around Christmas such as mulled cider and candy cane. uniquely each day has two teabags too so you don’t have to keep it all for yourself! Available for £38 from Bird & Blend.

Tea advent calendar

If you prefer Indian teas with more traditional and herbal flavours then the Vahdam Advent Calendar may be perfect for you. The types of tea in this calendar include Earl Grey citrus green tea, Darjeeling summer black tea and Turmeric Ashwagandha herbal tea. Available on Amazon for £34.99.

This is a reusable advent calendar full of vegan chocolate shapes flavoured with orange, mint and caramel and wrapped in recyclable foil. There are 25 chocolates supplied in 3 batches, in small paper candy bags. The calendar comes with a hanging loop and costs £5 (excl p&p). Postage and packing is £3.85 for under 2kg, £6.50 for under 5kg (weight includes packaging) but this is soon worth it when you buy other chocolates on the website too!

This larger advent calendar from Annies includes orange, mint and strawberry creams and chocolate-covered honeycomb pieces. they are all wrapped in recyclable foil and include 25 chocolates, supplied in 4 batches in small paper candy bags. the calendar is reusable and has a hanging loop and the calendar is around 1m long. This option costs £12 (excl p&p) Postage and packing is £3.85 for under 2kg, £6.50 for under 5kg (weight includes packaging). check out the Annies Facebook Page to order.

Ideas for making your own advent calendar

This Advent Calendar kit from The Conscious Party Box is reusable and much better value in the long run as well as good for the environment. At £25 it contains all you need to use year on year to make a lovely advent for someone special.

10 other Advent Calendars not to be missed!

25 songs in 25 days! Enjoy one beautiful Christmas song, in video format, delivered to your inbox this December to bring festive cheer all month long from our team of over 70 musical theatre actors and opera singers who have graced the stages of the West End, the Royal Opera House, or attended the top musical schools! The Street Theatre 2021 musical Christmas advent calendar is the perfect gift for music lovers without the negative impact on our environment for £25 from Street Theatre!

Odd Socks Advent

Star Wars Advent

Exit room Advent

Pork Scratching Advent

Marshmallow Advent

Harry Potter Advent

Harry Potter Jewellery Advent

Craft Beer Advent

Friends Bath and Body Advent

Retro sweets Advent

Which is your favourite?

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips on what not to buy here.

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