When I was offered a product from the Angela Langford skincare range to review I was intrigued. Angela Langford is best known for being a finalist on Masterchef the cookery show.

Skincare made by a chef, is an interesting idea so I was intrigued. I had never heard of the range but the idea of something making my skin firmer and boosting elasticity was appealing, I so don’t want to get old!

Small bottle of Angela Langford cream with a silver lid

What did I try?

The skincare product I opted to try out is called A Little Lift. It is marketed as a plumping and firming face serum. This product is made using pumpkin, frankincense and electric daisy.

It is to be used on the face, neck and décolletage. Applied morning and night and followed with a few drops of your favourite moisturiser or face oil.

Being a cook Angela knows the importance of good quality ingredients and has sought those in all her skincare products.

Many of the ingredients are organic and the list of ingredients supplied with the products is not just in Latin and frankly incomprehensible terms but in simple English too.

You can see exactly what is in it before you put it on your skin! There are no synthetic fragrances and no colours or chemicals so it really is very natural.

The range is cruelty-free which to me is really important. There are so many products out there that are cruelty-free it really does mean there should never be a need to buy a product tested on animals.

A small bottle with a silver top and leaflets.

What did I think?

I loved the product. It was a lovely consistency to put on and felt nice. Applying it to the skin was easy and a little goes a long way so whilst it is only a small container it would last well.

The serum smells lovely and the scent lasted well I noticed around an hour after applying I could still smell it.

Obviously trying it for the purposes of this review is not long enough to be able to tell you if it does gradually firm the skin but I liked it and would use it happily in the hope it does.

Would I recommend it?

Based on the scent and ease to use I would definitely recommend it. I am not someone who spends a lot on skincare so I am not sure if I would spend £31 for a 30ml bottle.

If you are someone who is comfortable spending that on some good quality skincare then I would definitely say it is worth giving it a go. As you can see in the pictures I also received a little card with a recipe for using pumpkin seeds.

As Pumpkin seeds are one of the ingredients in the serum the idea here is to feed your skin from the inside and out with the same ingredients. I love this idea.

Free Angela Langford Samples for you!

Maybe you have read this and you are a little unsure and who would blame you?

Buying skincare online when you haven’t tried it is difficult and Angela completely understands that so she offers samples free for you to try and you just pay for the postage and packing costs.

If you would like to try her products for Anti-Ageing then pop over to her samples page and order some and see what you think.

Where is it available?

The skincare range by Angela Langford is available from her easy-to-use website. Her products include a variety of products for the face and body.

Pinterest pin of pot of Angela Langford Skincare

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