A Guest Post about the best vegan chocolate From Ben’s Autistic World

I have tried vegan chocolate before and sometimes it is too bitter so I was keen to try Annie’s Vegan Treats and was amazed at how they tasted like non-vegan chocolate.

Which Vegan Treats Did I Try?

I was lucky enough to be sent the following treats:

They are all handmade in Lincolnshire

Picture of a Salted Caramel Bark Packet

Are They As Good As Non-Vegan Chocolate?

When I tried some of them, I was absolutely surprised with how good and like normal chocolate, they tasted. My parents and I prefer milk chocolate and don’t tend to like vegan chocolate as it can taste too much like dark chocolate, but these are perfect and taste just like milk chocolate and are not bitter like other vegan chocolates.

Picture of a Puppy Pop

Do You Have To Be Vegan To Enjoy These?

No, I am not vegan, and neither are my parents but we still enjoyed these. I have some severe allergies so when I contacted them and told them about my allergies, they were more than happy to discuss what I can and can’t have and worked well around my allergies.

Being handmade, it can easily work around my allergies because I know exactly what has gone into them. All nutritional information is included on the label of each product so if you can’t find the ingredients on the website, they are on the label of the tasty treats.

Are They Value For Money?

Yes, definitely, there is a wide assortment on the website which you can visit here. There are bundles on the website which are a bit more expensive, but nonetheless, they are still excellent value for money.

Despite, ordering in the summer, they didn’t come melty and were well packaged and included a note saying “do not leave in the sun” on. They also use sustainable packaging so it is good for the environment.

Which was my favourite?

I thoroughly enjoyed them all and can’t possibly pick a favourite but all the ones I got sent were absolutely gorgeous, I especially loved Annie’s Delight as I love Turkish Delight. Overall, this has to be the best vegan chocolate I have ever had.

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Watch out for more reviews from Ben as he does more work experience for me over the summer and will do more posts on the products and goodies he reviews.

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