There are many types of backyard establishments you can put in place to give your outdoor space the much-desired seclusion and shade. If this is your desire, you should then see these DIY kits you can build yourself one of them being pergolas. One of these designs that you should consider getting for your home is the pergola. The addition of the pergola to your backyard space does a great job improving the visual appeal of your outdoor space, and enhancing your outdoor living experience. 

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If you still don’t see the need of installing the pergola, look no further. Here’s an overview of five reasons why the pergola is perfectly suited for garden use. What a great way it would be to treat yourself and your garden.

Improve Your Garden’s Appeal

If you’ve been contemplating improving your garden’s appeal, then the best thing to do is with a pergola. This structure which usually comes with columns supporting it on the sides and beams linking these columns creates a spacious design in your garden. The spacious feel created by the pergola promotes the circulation of air and sunlight in your garden. An entryway pergola could be a perfect addition to your garden.

Having pergolas in your garden also allows climbing plants to thrive in your garden. And as these plants intertwine around the columns, they further boost the beauty of your garden with a beauty that only plant life can achieve. 

Safeguard You From The Elements

During the summer months, you can’t spend much time outside due to the intense sunlight. To address this issue, then the right step to take is to install a pergola. With this structure in place, you’ll be able to limit your exposure to the sun rays. All this is while simultaneously enjoying the excellent breeze in your garden making it the perfect place to relax. 

Space Efficient 

Another reason you should consider the garden is its space-efficient design. This is because you can place this freestanding structure anywhere you wish in your garden without taking much space. Moreover, you can place the pergola anywhere as it comes with an open area cover that allows you to position it over spaces that had been previously occupied, for instance, by a picnic table or patio. You also don’t have to break a sweat to move the pergola. This makes it an excellent way to improve the layout of the outdoor space without too much fuss.     

Can Be Combined With Other Structures

Getting a pergola doesn’t mean that you need to get rid of other structures that are already present in your garden. This is undoubtedly one of the best attributes of this structure that appeals to many homeowners. You can choose to use the pergola as a lead-in to other structures such as gazebos and verandas. And after doing this, you don’t ruin your garden’s appealing look and instead of making it more beautiful. This is achieved because pergolas usually blend in seamlessly when combined with other structures. 

Improved Privacy

If you cherish some privacy while at the comfort of your home, then getting a pergola in your garden is a wise step to take. This structure despite not having a roof and walls helps greatly in improving your garden’s privacy. You can achieve this by adding screens, latticework, or drapes to the side of your pergola.   

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