I hate cutting the grass so often throughout the summer and I know I am not alone in that so today I am sharing an article with you about the advantages of artificial grass and it has sure tempted me! How about you? Would you like the idea of not having to keep cutting the grass?

Maintaining a garden in a busy family home can be a tricky job. Cutting the grass and weeding the plants fall low in priority over the bottomless list of housework. However, as the first contact for your guests, no one wants their front lawn looking shabby. All hail, artificial grass.

A green lawn with some flowers and a car on the drive

For the perfect garden all year round and little, to no, maintenance, you may want to consider artificial grass. Here are the top 5 reasons why.

1. Time Better Spent with Family

Completing daily tasks can be quite a challenge. Juggling the laundry, wrestling with the hoover and cooking the tea is only a spec in the abundance of household chores we tend to do. When it comes to the garden, it rarely gets a look in! Synthetic grass eliminates the need to mow, weed or hose, giving you more family time to play in the garden with the kids.

Robust enough to withstand the pressures of a family football match, a thicker pile provides a soft landing for those inevitable falls and goal slides. Muddy footprints and grass-stained clothes are one less thing to worry about as artificial grass is fitted over a sand sub-base, banishing the mud.

More time can be spent in the garden as a super-efficient drainage system speeds up the drying process, allowing you to get outdoors quicker and more often.

2. Save Money

When the budget is tight, the last thing you want to do is waste money on maintaining a lawn. Small spends on seeds, chemical enhancers, weed killers and gardening tools sharp add up. Not to mention the bigger costs of lawnmowers and water rates.

One of the great benefits of artificial grass is that there are no ongoing costs to consider. Once the grass is down, simply grab your sun lounger and enjoy the summer on your immaculately preserved lawn. The only upkeep you may require is a simple brush down with a household broom to restore the blades.

3. No Allergies

Manufactured using only the highest quality eco-materials and eliminating the need for chemical enhancers, fake grass provides a safe environmentally friendly area for children and pets to play.

With zero pollen count, it’s great for those who suffer from allergies too. Say goodbye to sore eyes, running noses, headaches and sleep deprivation as hay fever symptoms will no longer be caused by your lawn.

4. Low Maintenance

We don’t need to elaborate on the excessive chores gardening entails, I’m sure we’re all pretty aware of the hourly mowing sessions and the lovely back ache we endure for days after.

Green-fingered garden lovers can’t wait to roll up their sleeves and get stuck in but for the rest of us there are much better ways of spending a sunny afternoon, hence the need for artificial grass.

With little maintenance and the look of natural grass, it’s the perfect solution for us ‘lazy gardeners’. A simple brush down is enough to remove any unwanted debris whilst tougher dirt can be removed with a regular hose down – it’s that easy!

Beautiful flowers on a rockery next to a green bright lawn

It’s great for cleaning up after your pets too. A superior drainage system means excess mess simply washes away, leaving no nasty lingering odours.

5. Looks Fantastic

Show Hyacinth how it’s done! Synthetic lawns preserve their natural green colouring regardless of weather conditions, giving you the perfect lawn all year round.

With UV protection, the colour blends will not fade due to excessive exposure to sunlight. Giving you the great opportunity to show off your fantastic new lawn whilst next door’s out with the seeds, restoring those dried-out bald patches a natural lawn develops.

Depending on how far your budget allows you to go, the best quality grass is extremely difficult to distinguish from the real thing. An authentic blend of colours makes synthetic grass come to life whilst an ample pile provides a super-soft finish and cushioned feel underfoot. If you can afford to stretch the budget, you’ll not just see the benefit but feel it too.

close up picture of a small square of artifical grass

So there we have 5 core reasons why artificial grass is the best choice for a busy household. Why not test our theory, order your free samples from Grass Direct now!

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