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Artificial intelligence is a subject that always interests me. When I think back to my childhood and the computers we had then so much has changed. I am sure there were more advances in industry that as consumers we were not aware of but nothing like what we have today.

How is artificial intelligence changing our world?

AI is already influencing education, transportation, and healthcare. In education, it has been used to model a variety of complex systems like the human brain and the human immune system. Today, AI is being leveraged to help students learn complex subjects more quickly and with less effort.

In transportation, AI can be helpful in improving the safety of vehicles by identifying potential accidents before they happen. Ensuring all vehicles are thoroughly tested before leaving a factory makes a huge difference to safety and speed of delivery I imagine too.

Automotive vision systems mean that visual inspections of parts and products don’t need to be manually checked by a person but can instead be checked by a machine. This eliminates human error caused by things like distraction and tiredness whilst also saving money in the long term for the business on staffing costs.

In healthcare, AI is being used to predict disease outbreaks faster than ever before. There will have been times during the recent pandemic where AI has been used to predict changes to viruses and the way things are transmitted without so many people having to be put at risk.

What are the Challenges of Artificial Intelligence?

AI is not perfect and it will never be. Despite recent advancements in AI, there are still some flaws that will continue to be there for a long time.

AI may not be perfect but it’s revolutionizing the world as we know it. The biggest challenge at this point is that people don’t trust AI enough to use it fully in their lives. As technology advances and improves, these challenges will fade away.

When I look back and think of how people were cautious with computers and the internet 20 or 30 years ago I realise that, like that, these concerns will soon be a thing of the past.

Do I think AI in industry could replace humans?

I completely understand why people are concerned that the development of AI in the industry will push people out of jobs but I personally think this is not the case. Whilst there are inevitably going to be jobs that become obsolete as machines can take over the roles there will also be new roles created.

An example of this is that there will need to be programmers who set up how the AI knows when to flag an error and then potentially a human to check the error. Salespeople will be needed to sell new AI devices which have been designed and new roles in these businesses that did not exist before.

I believe it is the same way that my job as a blogger didn’t previously exist, it now exists alongside other roles like print journalists so it has not made any roles obsolete, just added new roles.

I am excited to see how industry changes over the years with advances to AI, are you? What would you love to see AI able to do?

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