Many passionate travellers, whether for tourism or business purposes, always utilize the available travel guide. The information you gather is helpful whether travelling to, from, within, or over the USA. You’ll learn much about booking a flight, providing the right passenger information to get a ticket, or completing pre-departure security requirements.

Well, for Australian citizens you can plan to travel to the USA under the Visa Waiver Program. This is an opportunity to take advantage of the ESTA visa USA for Australian citizens. You can obtain the Electronic System of Travel Authorization (ESTA) at least 72 hours before travelling. 

ESTA guarantees many opportunities, making it simple to apply and travel stress-free. This article will offer crucial information, so keep reading.

What to Know About the ESTA Before You Travel to the USA

The good news for Australian citizens is that they are among the recognized countries under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) of the United States.

The VWP allows citizens to travel for business or tourism drives. It means you don’t need a visitor visa; you must apply through ESTA.

If applying for ESTA for the first time, a key aspect you might need to grasp is that this is just an approved authorization.

It’s not a visa, as it doesn’t meet the legal requirements to serve as an alternative to a USA visa when you need one. Hence, an approved ESTA doesn’t guarantee admission to the U.S.

Besides determining the eligibility of visitors travelling to the USA, there are other notable benefits of ESTA. They include the following:

You can use it for multiple entries to the USA, as there is no set limit. However, the concerned authorities have the right to deny ESTA approval if they suspect any foul play or dishonesty. 

Travellers get a chance to use mobile or desktop applications. Australian citizens don’t have to stress about how to apply for ESTA. You can do it from the comfort of your home, office, or public parks and using your own mobile phone or P.C. Hence, you’ll enjoy increased scalability and flexibility when applying online.

Guarantees a two-year validity from the date of issue and allows multiple visits. Challenges may arise if your ESTA is revoked for failing to follow the eligibility requirements.

Decisions about your ESTA applications are made and provided instantaneously. You don’t have to worry about how long it will take to get your application approved. Even though there are no specific rules regarding how to apply for ESTA in advance, it will take 72 hours or three days to get an instant response.

Australian Citizens can travel to the USA hassle-free, and the VWP drives economic growth, job creation, and growth of the tourism sector. 

Summing Up 

Australia is one of the reputable countries that enjoy the Visa Waiver Program, which is a huge reward for avid travellers. Whether you wish to travel to the USA for business, medical assistance, or tourism, acquiring an ESTA visa USA is a wise decision.

You’ll enjoy great experiences in different parts of the United States for 90 days, regardless of whether you’re travelling by air, sea, or land.

The merits of the Electronic System for Travel Authorization are not easy to overlook, and the application process is well-streamlined.

Therefore, there is no need to hesitate and apply for ESTA. If you need help, there are authorized individuals eager to help, even if you’re applying online via mobile or laptop.

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