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Starting a family is a huge, life-altering decision. As a mom to be, your body will change. Your interests will change and yes, your home will change. Maybe you and your partner loved having a coffee table full of expensive ornaments in the living room. You stored cleaning products in the lower kitchen cabinets. Once that little one enters your lives, you will realise that your home is not the most baby-friendly place in the world. You want to welcome your firstborn fully prepared and not make any last-minute changes that will stress you out. Are you ready for a baby? These tips will help you see if it is the right time for you! Here are easy remodelling guidelines that can inspire you to start with preparations. 

love, parenthood, family, season and people concept - smiling couple with baby pram in autumn park
love, parenthood, family, season and people concept – smiling couple with baby pram in autumn park

The nursery necessities

Once your precious bundle of joy comes home, it will spend most of its time in the nursery. This room in your house should be already stocked with necessities when the baby arrives. Firstly find a crib that suits your needs. Nowadays there are so many options, so you can buy 3 in 1, 4 in 1 or even 5 in 1 crib. Some can be converted to a toddler bed and even an adult size bed. Apart from a crib, you will also need a wardrobe where you will put all those adorable baby clothes. Don’t forget a hamper for all the dirty ones and a baby changing table. If you wish you can also place a rocking chair in the nursery where you will sing lullabies to your little one. You will probably want to add a bunch of cute toys for kids, and a mini stereo system. Easily used to play relaxing and fun age-appropriate songs during playtime or nap time. 

Baby proofing the kitchen

When your little one becomes a toddler he or she will start walking around the house and grabbing everything in reach. You will need to ensure that the risk of injury is non-existent. Therefore, the first thing you will need to do is to reorganise the kitchen. Move all the dangerous items someplace your child cannot grab them. Start by moving all the detergents, medicine, kitchenware. Put sharp objects high up on shelves, where they cannot even be seen by your kid. Get a child-safety latch and lock everything your little one should not open, like drawers and cabinets with fragile plates and even the fridge. 

Check the wiring 

Before your baby arrives, make sure you check all the wiring in your house. Especially important if it is old, otherwise you will expose your family to a potential fire hazard. If you notice any corroded wiring or other problems, call an electrician. They can fix any electrical issues you may have, such as blown fuses and overloaded extension cords. Toddlers are extremely curious and tend to snoop around the house. Make sure all the wall sockets are protected with outlet caps, so that your little one cannot stick fingers inside. You can also install tamper-resistant receptacles behind the outlet caps just to be on the safe side. 

Redesign your living room

If you have tall bookshelves or cupboards in your living room make sure they are screwed into the wall so your toddler doesn’t knock them over and end up injured. Instead of keeping your television on a TV shelf, mount the device to the wall and fasten the cables to the wall inside a safety cover.  You could also consider rearranging the furniture so your toddler cannot bump into things that easily, and placing corner protectors on tables with sharp edges. If you are wondering what else can hurt your kid, just keep this in mind – everything that can be knocked over will be knocked over, sooner or later. 

Creating a baby-friendly home is not that difficult, but if you are not sure whether you will be able to manage everything on your own, call an expert for help.

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