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Kicking off into the school year is an exciting yet sometimes stressful experience. Most parents are ready for their children to take on new experiences and challenges but children can be on the spectrum of being super excited or overwhelmed. That’s why making this time of year special is important for both kids and parents to ease into this transition smoothly.

Here’s a few back to school ideas you should consider.

children runnin in a school coridoor smiling happily

Go Back to School Shopping

If you don’t already do this, here’s your heads up that it should be on your to-do list. Not only is getting the right supplies important for the first day of school but this is also a perfect opportunity for kids to get excited about the upcoming school year.

Allow your child to pick out something special to them that will make their school year a bit easier. Whether it’s a new first day of school outfit or the perfect backpack that they’ll want to show all of their friends.

Put Treats in Lunches

Children are very sensitive to their experience at school and what is in their lunch.

Putting a treat in the child’s lunch can make the day go a little bit better. It can be something as simple as a drink or some candy that the teacher was not able to give them before they let them go home.

Add a Special Message

When packing lunches or bookbags, leave a little note inside that they will be surprised to see when they sit down for lunch or unpack their bag.

Write a positive message or a funny joke to give them a smile unexpectedly. 

A Picture of Something Special

Giving your child a picture of your family, pets, or favourite places you’ve visited will be a nice piece of comfort that they can keep close by during their school days.

Keep in mind that your family’s favourite vacation spot can also become your home. For example, quaint towns in Ontario are highly sought out and there is plenty of Halton real estate available.

Plan an Outing 

Planning a fun activity after a long day at school is not only rewarding to children but parents as well. Give your children something to look forward to after a possibly overwhelming first day of school or when they are more anxious on specific school days such as when a big test is coming up.

Allow your children to determine what the activity is, with parental approval, of course. This will destress everyone from their long day while making new memories.

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