Now it is barbecue season I wanted to share with you some great BBQ buys. Here is a selection from Home Bargains and also the Bar-Be-Quick range available in Morrisons and Sainsbury’s.

/bar-be-quick disposable barbecue, foil serving trays, bamboo skewers and Teriyaki sauce.

Bar-Be-Quick BBQ essentials

If you fancy an impromptu BBQ for tea you may not want to get out your big BBQ. This is where the disposable instant BBQ’s can be a life saver. Lighting in a few minutes you will soon be cooking all you need to keep the family happy.

Let’s face it in the British weather at the moment a quick BBQ is the way forward. There is nothing worse in my opinion that spending an hour getting all the BBQ stuff out and then it rains!

If you buy a Bar-Be-Quick instant BBQ (£3) at the moment you can get 50p off the tasty Kikkoman sauces and marinades. I can assure you this Teriyaki and honey one is amazing! The exclusive ones with the voucher are available at the moment in Morrisons and Sainsbury’s. Saving washing up you can use bamboo skewers (£2) and foil serving trays (£3.50) too.

blue, green and flowery party ware in packages on table

Home Bargains summer party essentials

How can you have a BBQ or summer party without summer-themed plates etc? The selection above is all currently available from Home Bargains. The summer melamine plate with flowers and a real party theme is just 99p.

The 10 pack of plates (£1.49) and 10 pack of tumblers (£1.29) would be perfect for all the family. Don’t forget the napkins though and I love these ones. Straight away they shout summer to you don’t they! 20 Napkins for 59p is also quite a bargain too.

If you like a summer spiral cup for you or one of the kids then this one is just £1.29 and really fits with the theme. If you don’t have an ice cube tray already pick one up while you are there for 99p too.

bbq guide on a wooden table outside in the sun

Bar-Be-Quick Grill Guide

If you would like some BBQ tips like which fuel to use or tips to ensure you keep things safe when barbecuing then Bar-Be-Quick have a guide for you. It is free to download here. It is full of recipes and ideas too! I have shared one below for you to have a sneak peak!

booklet of bbq recipes open on a wooden picnic table

Grilling Time and Temperature Chart

Thanks Smoke Gears for this graphic.

Grilling Time and Temperature Infographic

Pinterest pin of summer food and drink items

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