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It is easy sometimes to look at the life of celebrities and wish we had it. I have often thought it would be so much easier but actually I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity on the whole. There are so many reasons I would love to be, mostly related to the money involved. These don’t outway the reasons I wouldn’t want to be a celebrity though.

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paying bills wouldn’t be a problem if I was a celebrity

5 Reasons I would love to be a celebrity

Private healthcare would be great especially with Ben’s disabilities and needs to be able to pay for no waiting times for appointments etc. For example we need to get him to see an occupational therapist but have a long wait ahead unfortunately on the NHS.

For myself private dental care. I would love to be able to have veneers and get all the dental treatment I would need to have nicer teeth. I absolutely hate my teeth but the cosmetic treatment I would need is far out of my price range. Not only that but I would have other things I would sooner spend the money on now.

Never having to clean would be a bonus too, I would love to have a cleaner. Someone to really look after all the house and a gardener too. I love my blog so would keep working but having someone to do the mundane day to day tasks would be great.

The social life of a celebrity seems appealing too. Being invited to parties and meeting all these people from the TV etc would be amazing. I would be so starstruck! Having someone design me dresses for the red carpet too would be amazing.

Lastly another of the reasons I would love to be a celebrity is the ability to help others. I have always been a very charitable person and would love to be able to help so many people out. Smaller charities that would benefit from more support etc.

One reason I would hate to be a celebrity

There are so many positive sides to be a celebrity that in my opinion can not be outweighed by the lack of privacy celebrities have. I can not imagine a life where if I left the house without make up or my hair was a bit wild everyone would be sharing photos of me.

I have lost weight and gained weight and as you know I have this ongoing battle with my weight. I can’t imagine having those difficulties discussed regularly by people who don’t know me. People poking fun at my wobbly bits and taking pictures when I eat cake.

This element of celebrity life is one that would be so hard I imagine. I would love the nice teeth, private healthcare, money to spend whenever I wanted etc. There is no way however I would take that all at the expense of my privacy and that of my family though.

How about you? Would you cope with that if you could have the advantages the being a celebrity would bring?

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