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Have you often read my blog and thought that this is something you would like to do? Perhaps you love social media and love writing and wonder if you can put it to good use? Here I thought I would share with you some questions to ask yourself to see if it is right for you and some tips to get you started.

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Since I started my blog I have had a number of friends and acquaintances say they could do it as it is easy money, start blogging and soon give up. It isn’t easy money, it is a job and something I work at to earn as well as I do from it. If you are accepting of this then that is, of course, a good place to start!

Is blogging right for you?

If you can answer yes to the following questions then blogging could be perfect for you.

Are you prepared to work for sometime building up your website before you earn anything from it?

Do you have the resilience to accept if you are turned down for work, if someone leaves a negative comment or trolls you because they just don’t like the messages you give out?

Do you have something unique in mind to give your audience? If you intend to merely copy what another blogger has done you will never succeed! I had someone literally rewrite 3 of my posts then wonder why she wasn’t getting any paid work or traffic once!

Are you quite computer savvy? I don’t mean that you need to know about coding and such like but do you generally have no problem with things like Word, the internet, emails etc.

Do you have a good attention to detail and good grammar and spelling (when using something like Grammarly if necessary)?

So blogging could be for you, where to start!

The first thing you need to do is think about what you are looking to write about and what makes your writing about that unique. Is there something you have experience of or knowledge of that you can share?

If you are looking to be a social media influencer rather than a blogger then do you have something unique to offer your audience? Some influencers are essentially celebrities but they still need engaging content. Think about what makes you click like or to comment on a photo on Instagram for example.

What would you have that is different? It is not just people who want to follow you who are looking for something different but brands are too. It is clear that brands choose influencers who are genuine and would show the brand in a good light to their followers.

Have a search online and see what other bloggers or influencers are calling themselves and think of something that suits you. Be sure to check the domain is available as well as the social media platforms before you decide on that name.

And finally…

Be brave, put yourself out there and be genuine, natural and just be you!

do you think you could start a blog or become an influencer in 2021? It is hard work and not everyone will do well at it but if you have determination and really keep at it who knows what will happen.

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  1. Definitely not an easy path. My writing is not the problem, but learning about things like seo has been mind blowing for me.