Where do you shop for fitness clothing? Are you looking to support more independent businesses that really focus on quality and customer satisfaction? If so I think I have the brand for you. BellaBops isn’t a massive brand but they definitely will be soon, in my opinion. Fitness clothing from BellaBops is available from sizes 8-20 and they are working on extending that in the future so plus size ladies watch this space!

gym leggings

Why choose fitness clothing from BellaBops?

Don’t you hate it as a woman when fitness clothing has clearly been designed by a man? Our boobs and bum need to fit comfortably in it too without wobbles, don’t they?

Fitness clothing from BellaBops is designed with real women in mind! Not only that but you know what size you are getting with the sizing chart on the website.

The cycling jersey range were so popular they sold out within four hours so they are currently working on more. Again in sizes 8-20 they are designed for women with boobs and a longer length for some all important bum coverage.

gym leggings

The style and fit of BellaBops leggings

BellaBops leggings are designed to be funky and fun. No one wants boring leggings, do they? There are some amazing designs that will definitely make your legs stand out.

They are all high-waisted which makes them super comfortable and with a drawstring waistband you can have them exactly the fit you feel comfortable with.

sloth tshirt

What do the leggings look like on real women?

If you want to see what these leggings look like on real women pop over to the BellaBops Facebook and BellaBops Instagram pages and check out all the lovely comments and pictures.

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BellaBops discount code

Have you looked and these and are desperate to buy some? If you want to save 15% simply use code AVERAGEJEN15 before 31-12-21. The code works on all full price items and is especially for you guys who follow Just Average Jen so do take advantage and get some new fitness clothing from BellaBops for your home workout!

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If you like funky leggings then you should definitely consider Locket Loves, they are so comfortable and go up to size 26. If you use my referral then you can get £5 off and I get some money to spend on more leggings too! I practically live in them now so a new pair will never go amiss!

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