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When the sun comes out alfresco dining is perfect but sometimes we need the right tools for the job. If you are planning on eating outside more this year then these buys should help. I love the VonHaus products as, in my experience, they are all good quality as well as being a good price.

Since we did our garden earlier this year (read about our garden gym and hot tub) I am much more excited to enjoy alfresco dining and inviting friends over for food, drinks and hot tub!

This article includes some items I was sent for inclusion as free-of-charge PR samples and some items I have purchased myself. I have also included a few items I would really like and have put on my shopping list for this summer!

garden room with hot tub

Smokeless Grill

I love this smokeless grill as a great way to cook vegetables such as corn on the cob. It made them perfect and is quick and easy to set up needing just a plug socket. At around £70-£80 it is a great buy in my opinion.

Check the current price of Smokeless Grill.

Side tables

Depending on your family set-up and what you enjoy doing outside you might need an extra side table or two. I am ordering some lovely wooden ones from VonHaus which fold easily for storage.

My plan is to use them for drinks and individual places while the food is served on the main table when we have a big outdoor meal.

Check my favourite side table prices.

Teppanyaki grills

We have been using our Teppanyaki grills for a number of years now. They simply plug in and you can cook a whole selection of BBQ-type foods on it. Ours are well used now so I added a stock photo instead but I can assure you they are amazing.

VonHaus sells three sizes of these grills from around £35-£55.

Check the current prices of Teppanyaki grills.


A Parasol

If you enjoy alfresco dining then there are a few non-cooking essentials I think you need and one of those is a good parasol.

This cantilever-type overhanging parasol from VonHaus is a perfect size for a family with a 3m span. There are so many different parasols but this one is around £85.

Check the latest price of this parasol.

Don’t forget to buy parasol weights for a banana parasol. Remember you will need two packs, 4 weights in total.

A drinks trolley

I love my indoor bar but if we have guests around in the summer we will have to keep going inside for drinks. I am thinking of ordering a lovely metal outdoor drinks trolley that I think will look nice as well as be useful. It is only just over £30 so the cost of a couple of bottles of spirits!

Check the drinks trolley I like.

A Pizza oven

A pizza oven is a must-have gadget this year and with everyone hunting for the best pizza ovens for their money.

The one from VonHaus is around £150 and is really easy to assemble. What a lovely way to enjoy alfresco dining!

As far as I understand the only difference between it and the more expensive options is that it doesn’t have a revolving pizza stone!

I would much rather have to turn a pizza a few times than pay double the price (or more!), wouldn’t you?

Check the latest price for the VonHaus outdoor pizza oven.

Shade Sail

We have a canopy over our hot tub and parasols so probably not in need of a shade sail too but I love the look of the shade sails and they are such good value for money.

A 3mx3mx3m sail is around £27 and provides a good amount of shade. Not only would it be great for families to sit under for alfresco dining, but I think it would also be great to provide shade for pets.

Check the variety of shade sails and their prices from £12.99.

Table Top Fireplace

This is something I would absolutely love for our garden and they are low in cost so I am thinking of ordering one soon!

The tabletop fireplaces look good as well as providing a little warmth on a cold evening.

Check my favourite Tabletop fireplace.

BBQ canopy and utensils

If you are considering outdoor dining then a BBQ is pretty essential too, unless you are using a pizza oven and grills alone.

Either way here are a few other essentials you might need to accompany the above.

BBQ shelter canopy – I would love this and have definitely put it on a shopping list for when I have some spare money!

BBQ Tools – perfect for a traditional BBQ but less so for nonstick surfaces such as the smokeless grill or teppanyaki.

A clean patio

Forgive the state of the patio in places on my photos showing the pizza oven, we cleaned it the following weekend as shown in the photo below!

We have used a VonHaus pressure washer for a number of years now and can highly recommend them as good value for money and very effective. It always looks perfect for alfresco dining afterwards!

Check the pressure washer we have and the current price.

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