Some items are really clear why they were invented and when you see them you just think, wow why didn’t I think of that. Others you just look at in amazement, puzzled at who thought up such an idea. Take bath plugs, for example, a common-sense invention, nothing baffling about that. On the other hand, bizarre inventions like lights for toilet bowls that change colour who thought of that and why?

Cartoon of an inventor sitting at a desk with a smile on his face

Hamster shredder

Have you seen the shredders that have a hamster cage as part of them? They are brilliant as the hamster runs on its wheel to operate the shredder which then fills the cage with the shredded paper! Great idea, great invention but who thought it was worth the trouble of inventing it?

Circuit boards

I appreciate how amazing they are and how important such a small device with wires can be but it amazes me how clever they are. Who even thought of turning them so small but still so effective? With things like circuit boards come other amazing inventions like Cartridge Heaters.

You would be forgiven for not knowing what these are, but they are basically little heaters designed to regular air temperature in things like circuit boards to prevent condensation. So clever really and we probably have so many in our homes without even knowing what they are!

Egg cuber

I love boiled eggs and I know many others do too. How cool is it that you can turn a boiled egg into a cube? Fun I guess but hardly essential! Who invented the egg cuber and why?

How much money have they made from such a bizarre invention? All questions that really puzzle me! Whilst it is cool if someone bought it for me for a valentines gift I would be fuming!

Duct Tape

Stronger than sellotape and fixes pretty much everything, who invented this stuff? Were they intending on fixing something or just fancied inventing something? Do they even realise how many lives they have changed? Men use it to fix everything I think!

Mini discs

CDs and cassettes were amazingly popular after vinyl records and now the mp3 and downloadable music. Why did the mini disc never really take off? I find this so fascinating! Do you think that when the inventor of the mini disc came up with their invention they thought they would make billions? Did they? All things I really am tempted to google!


By this, I don’t mean cycling shorts necessarily but Lycra in a variety of things. Without Lycra would we still be wearing crochet swimsuits? Would leggings even exist? When I did the Great North Run I, of course, wore Lycra, what would I have worn without it? Amazing stuff with so many uses, I wonder how and why it was invented?

Stirring mugs

The time it takes to stir a mug is crazy isn’t it, all those wasted seconds. It is such a relief that someone invented a self-stirring cup! Who was it who got that sick of stirring their tea or coffee that they invented this?

Are there any things that really baffle you as to why they were invented or who came up with such an ingenious idea? Another thing I often wonder about is websites on the internet how are they all stored on such small things?! Do comment and share your bizarre inventions below.

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