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I spend a lot of time randomly dreaming of things I would like to achieve or do with my blog. Today I thought I would share with you a few of my dreams and a wish list.

My workspace with laptop, notebook, coffee and glasses
My workspace

I would love to have more than one blog so I have a few plans for new blogs. This however would require more hours in a day! A few things I would love for my blogging are ones that would maybe give me a little more time though so maybe that is the next step?

An assistant

I would love to have an assistant (and be able to afford one) so that the boring jobs that I am less keen on doing can be given to someone else!

Whilst I do enjoy most aspects of my blog it would be lovely to know someone else can do bits when I don’t fancy it. I have so many older posts that need tidying up and updating. I might also get my assistant to cook for me!

An office

I currently have a desk in the lounge of our house. Ideally, I would love a specific office but I would hate to work in our spare room. I do like being downstairs so maybe this is my only choice. Short of moving to a bigger house with a downstairs office that is! Imagine having different screens all around the office so I can truly multitask!

A garden office would be pretty cool actually too. Though maybe not ideal in this country with the cold weather we get so much of the year.

A show home or work kitchen

I would love a dedicated home or kitchen to take photos in without all the day to day clutter. In fact, while we are talking about whole new houses a home abroad would be good too.

I spend far too much time dreaming about houses both here and abroad, looking at luxury homes for example real estate Marbella and imagining having a beautiful home for all my photographs. Actually that said maybe I would have more time for everything I wanted to do if I stopped daydreaming!

A storage locker for the contents of my blogging wishlist

In the absence of an extra house to store all my blogging stuff in like photography backgrounds and props, maybe a storage locker could work. Somewhere that I can have boxes of things all easily accessible and I can continue hoarding without taking over the house! I am always honest and can assure you the house is a tip!

A personal motivator

This would be a perfect solution to me easily being distracted and daydreaming. Imagine having someone, almost like a teacher or mum, who notices when you are skiving and gives you a gentle nudge!

Actually this would be pretty handy when I try to eat rubbish too. Someone who can prod me with some kind of cattle prod if I go in the kitchen unnecessarily. If I make a detour into a shop for snacks they need to be there too guiding me to the fruit!

I guess we could all use one of these kinds of people, couldn’t we? Is it really suitable for a blogging wish list?

Are you a blogger? If so let me know your thoughts in the comments below and remember to leave your link so I can take a look at your website too!

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