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Today we are going to explore what makes bobbleheads a great gift and how to choose a good bobblehead and even customise your own!


What are bobbleheads?

Bobbleheads are small action figures with a head of bigger proportion compared to the body. Sometimes it is also referred to as wobbler, nodder, or wacky wobbler. People use these toys as a decorating object but also sometimes simply a hobby of collecting those.

This nodding toy’s head moves with slight touch or movement. This is because the action figure’s head is attached to the body with a spring or a hook, making it flexible and move like nodding. 

Bobbleheads can be made of many things, but generally, these are made of plastic and resin. Previously, in the old days, these action figures were made out of paper mache for various commercial purposes.

Later the material of these small toys changed. The ceramic version of these toys uses wood as its material. But among all differences on the presence of the spring or hook is the same.

This factor is vital to bobbleheads as only this mechanism gives the toy its famous nodding movement. The spring or hook is placed under the head, attached to the rest of the lower body. 

Why do people use bobbleheads?

Bobbleheads are miniature toys or action figures. These can look like a person and imitate their specific stance or posture. People use these figures for various reasons.

Many people use these as decor at home, putting them on the table or inside a clear box or showcase. This way, the little toy is visible that adds to the beauty of the room. People also use action figures in cars. Usually, they put it in the front near the steering wheel. 

Putting it there makes it visible to everyone seated in the vehicle, both from the front and the back seats. The bobbleheads or nodders tend to nod or move their head at the slightest movement.

So the primary purpose of this method is when the car is moving, the bobblehead’s head moves, making it entertaining and making the inside look more attractive. Generally, people use some form of tape or sticking method to stick it inside the vehicle, or else it might fall due to the car’s movement. 

Usage of bobbleheads on occasions 

Bobbleheads are famous in many places. People use it as a decoration object in their room while others collect it for their amusement.

Generally, it is an object of collection or showcase purpose which one can keep at home. But this is also the reason many people use it during occasions or events such as birthdays, weddings and more.

Usually, the concept here is to create the miniature version of the special people on whom the experience is based or celebrated.

At a wedding, the bobbleheads of the bride and groom are placed beside wedding cakes. The same thing can apply on birthdays as the person whose birthday is occurring; their bobblehead is placed on the side of the cake.

Generally, people do this to create a miniature version of the special people on occasion to make it unique and memorable.  

Ordering your custom made bobblehead

Like every toy or action figure, you can found bobbleheads in toy shops and stores. But you can also make your custom-made bobblehead action figure. People also use it as gifts at weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and many others as something memorable.

There are various stores and even online sites where you can design your custom-made bobblehead. All it requires is your face photo and the wearing you want on the body. Then, you can have your bobblehead or make it for someone and gift them to make it memorable. 

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