A guest post to help you boost productivity with functional stationery from Laura Brooks, founder of The Paper Collective.

Having grown up with changes in digital media and new technological advances, there are now more ways than ever to help people organise workloads, stay productive and set goals and deadlines however, it is often our love of stationery and that buzz from finding new stationery that keeps people from going digital.

I can confirm that as a stationery addict, there is nothing better than sitting down with a pen, notepad and highlighters to make me feel more productive and feel I really do have my shit together! Laura 1, overwhelm 0.

Back in October 2020, I launched The Paper Collective with the intention of helping people pick out beautiful and functional stationery to help them keep organised and achieve their goals.

When people ask how we can achieve this, this is what I tell them.

Get yourself a planner!

There is something about having a physical planner that just helps visualise everything you need in advance and see what is coming month on month. However, it is getting the right planner that can encourage and increase productivity further.

At this point in the year, getting yourself a good academic or undated diary would serve you well or be extra organised and get yourself a full year planner ready for 2022.

Have a desk visual!

If a planner isn’t your thing, using a desk pad or a combination of desk pads could get you just as organised. A to-do list or scheduler is a great visual for seeing what needs to be done and is extremely satisfying to tick off or highlight completed appointments or tasks as you work through. Anything not completed can be moved to the next day.

On a more personal note, a menu planner is a great way to get yourself and the family organised as well as help with any nutritional or wellness goals.

Get creative

Having found art therapy and journaling this year, I can confirm that not only does it lower stress but it also improves productivity.

Having completed 12 weeks of journaling in a planner specifically put together to improve body, mind and soul, I have moved onto bullet journaling where I start with a blank sheet every day and capture everything I want to make my day both creative and productive.

If you don’t want to go all out, why not get a planner or to-do pad with space to make doodles throughout the day and a multi-colour pen?

Goal setting and manifestation

Putting your goals out into the world by manifesting positive outcomes might sound a little woo, but the fact is that writing down goals and breaking them down into manageable chunks makes you much more likely to achieve them.

You could add your goals to your daily planner, but the aim is to review them regularly, so the best way to do this is to write them down somewhere you will see them on a daily basis.

If you want to get creative, you could try putting together a mood board, or use something like a goal planner that helps you track short, medium and long term goals which will help you turn your goals and dreams into a reality.

Make it beautiful!

Ultimately whatever you choose from a stationery product or brand, make it bright and beautiful as well as functional. This way you will be more tempted to pick it up every morning and use it. Whatever gets you through the day, eh?

About the author

The Paper Collective is an online stationery retailer and quarterly stationery subscription service founded by stationery addict Laura Brooks in a bid to bring functional, yet beautiful stationery and paper goods solutions to consumers helping them to get organised and help them capture and realise their goals.

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