As you know I am self-employed and as such can still work through the pandemic as much as possible. Small businesses are the same, they often only have a few people behind the scenes.

Whilst I believe we should be doing what we can with social distancing and only going out when absolutely necessary I also believe in helping small businesses to keep going where possible.

For that reason, I wanted to share with you the best of British businesses. Whilst I am sure there are many more I will share more another day/week.

Letter being posted in a letterbox
Hand posting a letter

Small businesses are great

These small businesses often not only take orders but package items and send them all from home or a small office too. If this helps keep someone’s livelihood going with no big difference to the postal service – they are continuing anyway – then I think it is perfect. I love too that businesses are helping the NHS where possible too and love this story.

If you are looking to buy anything at the moment please do consider supporting these small businesses and if not even just a follow on social media to keep their spirits up would be lovely. This pandemic has certainly made me think more about supporting smaller and local businesses.

gold credit cards next to a laptop

The best of British – food and drink

Nims fruit crisps

Nims is a lovely small business selling air-dried fruit and vegetable crisps. They are so good they are now available in Waitrose, Tesco and lots of independent shops! All started from the owner selling her home and coffee shop to start this venture! What a wonderful way to start a business. Do pop and check out the website to support her and maybe buy some when you see them.

Lady cutting an apple on a wooden chopping board

Creative Nature

If you are sick of going to big supermarkets that have run out of what you need why not support smaller businesses. Creative Nature sells a variety of baking sets, snack bars and protein balls. They are only a small company so keeping going throughout where they can. Could you support them and buy some treats from there?

Eggs in flour
Close up of egg and flour


If you are fed up of buying multivitamins and no getting the exact nutrients you need then this new company which has been running less than a year is the one for you. Based in the UK Nourished make gummy sticks using 3D printing to your exact specification. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, they have changed their production to ensure they take all the precautions they can for contact-free delivery. They have even started making their own hand sanitiser and sending it free with orders! What a wonderful idea and great brand. TOP TIP – use Top Cashback too when ordering for a great offer!

Nourished image

Bee Green Wraps

Instead of covering food in cling film have you tried beeswax wraps? Bee Green have some amazing wraps and are only a small business so not stopping if they can avoid it. If you buy from them you will also be helping the environment so well worth considering.

Beeswax wraps being made

Mummy Meagz

Last but certainly not least in my food section is Mummy Meagz. The business started with an independent cafe in Cottingham, East Yorkshire which is entirely vegan. When Meagan, one of the mother-daughter pair behind the enterprise, started making vegan sweet treats they were flying off the shelves. Her Chuckie Eggs (like a vegan creme egg) have been so popular they and some of their other treats are available nationwide at Holland and Barrett! Anyone else fancy trying them now or buying them for Easter?

Happy easter image

The best of British – Baby and Children products

Kura Organics

Kura Organics is a lovely British company started by three mums who wanted to design something perfect for young babies in their car seats. There is so much conflicting advice about how to dress your baby in a car seat this baby wrap is perfect. It can easily be used in the pram too so no dressing and undressing baby unnecessarily. A lovely small company who are still going in the pandemic even though they have children at home. Working mums rock don’t they!

couple smiling in autumn park with baby in pram
smiling couple with baby pram in autumn park


Wickedmania is a small toy company which has grown and sends its innovative products across the world. Unfortunately due to Covid 19 they have had a big hit to some sales especially as shops selling them have largely closed. They have some amazing products online though you will love. If you have a child who is bursting with energy but you only have a small garden or don’t have a garden at all then panic not. The indoor boomerang is just one of their amazing products. PE doesn’t have to be screen based with Joe Wicks!

girl jumping in a star shape

The best of British – gifts

Powder Butterfly

Powder Butterfly is a wonderful small gift retailer who not only is based in Britain but makes beautiful British themed gifts. Definitely worth checking out if you want to buy a gift for anyone during the lockdown or beyond. This is definitely one of my favourites below.

British teapot
Look at this from Powder Butterfly – isn’t it stunning!

The best of British – clothes and shoes

Love Leggings

Love Leggings have made some changes to the way they work with many staff working from home and others fulfilling orders whilst keeping socially distant. A lovely British company who are making sure we can keep in leggings and buy sports leggings to keep active indoors if we need to. With 20% off sports leggings you can treat yourself and help them out too.

Two ladies balancing doing yoga


Is there anything more quintessentially British than a 100% British wool jumper? Glencroft is a wonderfully British company who specialise in country wear for all the family including slippers, cardigans and even outerwear. The man who set the business up with his wife in the 1980s is in his late 70s and still makes the sheepskin rugs by hand. How amazing is that? Everything is sold from their 200-year-old converted cow barn in the Yorkshire Dales however due to the current guidelines they are now selling online only. Do pop over and support them by buying from them or just giving them a follow on Twitter (loving their April fools post on there!) or Instagram as they are still going and doing the best they can.

Sheep grazing on misty farm
Sheep grazing on misty farm

The best of British – Beauty

SEAMS Beauty

SEAMS hand cream is fast becoming an essential product. With everyone washing their hands more a cream like this will help prevent chapped and sore hands. Made in the UK they are a lovely company who have truly designed their products for working hands of people like a seamstress.

Seams handcream


Olverum is a small UK company with just 5 staff that make the most amazing bath oil. They are carrying on the best they can so people can keep buying their relaxing oil to calm after a busy day at work or for stress relief after days of isolation.

Olverum bath oil

Sugar Coated

The lockdown doesn’t need to mean you have to have prickly hairy legs. Sugar Coated is a small business where all the waxing products are manufactured in the UK. The products are all vegan and the lovely staff are working throughout the current pandemic the best they can and shipping out orders daily.

Laser hair removal being done on legs
Laser hair removal on ladies legs

Angela Langford Skincare

Angela Langford skincare is a lovely small brand with just two staff so they are continuing working. I absolutely love their “a little lift” serum and can definitely recommend it. It is so refreshing and something I do enjoy using.

Angela langford skincare a little lift bottle

The best of British services

Design Equals (Design=).

A lovely small business, Design Equals is based in North West UK. They work mainly with bars and restaurants (of course impacted by the Coronavirus). They are now working with small businesses to offer them support with consultations online. They offer virtual consultations for free and offer cheap, innovative ways to freshen bars and restaurants for their re-openings along with supporting current clients with graphic design work to ensure they still have a presence online. I love this idea as a way to keep their business running but also to help other businesses. Check out their work on Instagram here.

coloured pencils and crayons

Busy Things

Most businesses have taken a bit of a hit as people are spending less or homeschooling. Busy Things focus on activities for children so they have been overwhelmed a little by support. They are a small business run by a family based in Derby. They are still supporting families through this difficult time so have lots of resources on their website.

Busy things logo

North East Trophies

If you are home educating now as the schools are closed and considering buying a trophy to reward your child for their hard work then North East Trophies is the place to be. They are still sending orders as normal and have had an influx of orders from parents for this. As they are a small company they are still operating and fulfilling orders so do support them if you can.

Cartoon of a boy with a trophy
Pinterest pin of red postbox

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  1. Thank you for including Busy Things in your article – it’s a great round-up of British brands to support at this time 🙂
    We are offering our support to families with home-schooling during school closures with completely free access to Busy Things for 7 days and then also a month of access for just £1.
    Keep safe & well x

  2. Thank you so much for covering Nourished in your feature! We are doing everything we can to support our customers, employees and community and really appreciate you helping us to raise awareness 🙂

    Stay safe and well 🙂 xx