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Every family deserves to have a special home to call their own. When you move into a new house, it sometimes has a strange feel to it. Even if it’s brand new, there’s often a sense of it not quite feeling like a home. So, it takes time to adjust and build your family home that’s perfect for your family. 

Keep that thought in your head as I want to discuss a particular idea today. Have you ever considered building your family home from scratch? It’s an idea I’ve thought about a lot, and I think it could be excellent for some families that are looking to get their first family home. Or, it’s just as good if you want to move to a new place because your family is expanding. 

What makes it such a good idea? Well, here are a few reasons that explain things:

Build a home that’s made for your family

Simply put, you get to build a home that’s made for your exact family. It doesn’t exist to please anyone else, it’s all made for you. Companies like Sloane Homes let you use a custom building process where you choose how your house looks, what the design is like, what the rooms will be used for, and so on. You end up with the perfect family space. You have all the space you need, and every room has a purpose. With pre-built homes – even new ones – you have no control over how it looks or what you get to do with all the space. 

Get more bang for your buck

When you buy a house, you often make little compromises here and there. After all, someone else has set a price for the home. Unless you’re super lucky, the chances are you won’t buy a house that’s perfectly made for you. But, when you build yours from scratch, then you essentially pay for a home that’s built for you. In effect, you get way better value for money as every single penny goes towards a house that’s customised to suit the needs of your family. 

Get a better return on your investment

If you build your house, then you may be inclined to stay in it forever. You forge a special connection with it, and why would you want to leave? After all, you built it to your own desires, so no other house can compete with it! As a result, you end up getting an incredible return on your investment. Building a house is often cheaper than buying one, and the value will increase over the decades. If you ever do decide to leave in the future – because you want to downsize or you need the money – then you’ll sell it for a profit. Or, if you give it to your children when they’re adults, then they could get a big profit if they choose to sell. 

I’m not trying to force you to build your family home! I just think it’s interesting to look at different ideas and viewpoints. If you’re unhappy with your current house – or can’t find one on the market that ticks all the right boxes – then think about building from scratch instead.

3 Reasons To Build Your Family Home From Scratch

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