This telescope kit was sent to me in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Do you find the whole subject of space fascinating? Are you like me with an app on your phone for the stars? With my app, when you point in the direction of the stars you can see will tell you what they are? Amazing isn’t it! The whole world out there in space and all too far away to visit! I was excited at the idea of building our own telescope so read on to find out how we got on.

Build your own telescope with a space book

How can you build a telescope?

I know that was my first thought when I was offered this to review but I was amazed. With just 29 cardboard press-out pieces, a glass lens, a plastic lens, a mirror and a little patience, you can have a fully functioning telescope.

close up of the built telescope

Made from cardboard…is it flimsy?

As you can see from the photo above it actually is really great quality and of course, it is not as robust as plastic but that is one of its great qualities. I love the fact it is so much better for the environment.

telescope build with a book about the universe

Is it good quality?

We were hoping to test it out for the Space X launch a few days ago but unfortunately, that got rearranged due to weather issues. The launch on Saturday will be too early to see anything in the UK. So instead, we are going to have fun looking at the moon in the garden whilst roasting marshmallows to make s’mores on the firepit over the weekend. The telescope is fully functioning with 16x magnification. The angle can be changed easily and it is easy for kids to use too.

close up of the telescope

How easy was it to construct?

I actually left Stuart and Ben to build it together and watched from a distance. They got on really well with it and didn’t have any difficulties. There are a few fiddly points however where you definitely need two people and a bit of patience.

The parts are all precut and just need pressing out. They are extremely well labelled and the instructions were clear.

beautiful night sky
Night sky

Where can I buy a Build your Own Telescope?

The Build Your Own Telescope kit is available direct from Build your own kits for £19.99. If you are on Amazon Prime you can get it on Amazon for the same price! Perfect for those who can’t wait and want it to arrive tomorrow!

The brand also does a plane launcher kit you can build yourself which I definitely would love to try out and this summer are bringing out a microscope kit. Perfect for all those budding little scientists and parents who want to have fun whilst encouraging their STEM skills.

This would be a perfect Father’s day gift and something for dad to do with kids.

If you have science-loving kids then how about a chemistry set or a science subscription box? The MEL science kits look amazing in this review so definitely something I am sure most kids would love!

Byo telescope box on wooden background

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