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As we age, our skin thins and our tolerance for being cold and damp dwindles. This means that care homes are often sited in warm, temperate places – or are very well insulated and heated! Here are five of the most popular care home locations in the UK.

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Portsmouth to Eastbourne

The southern edge of the UK runs in a more-or-less straight line from west to east: from Portsmouth to Eastbourne. This seventy-mile stretch of coast tends to be warm and tranquil, avoiding most of the north-easterly winds that bring icy storms over the eastern side of the country, and enjoying warm currents that maintain a comfortable temperature for much of the year.

This stretch of coast is packed with retiree’s cottages, holiday homes, large seaside hotels and boarding houses, and there are also a good number of care homes too.


Directly east of London, Essex is on the east coast of the UK, but somewhat sheltered from the open sea by the estuaries and waterways that throng the area. Warm and sunny in summer, Essex is a wonderful place for boating enthusiasts and bird-watchers of all levels, from serious ornithologists to weekend twitchers.

There are long coastal walks, bird-watching hides, and boat rentals readily available – and the area is lovely to live in, whether as a homeowner or as a care home resident.


Pale green foliage, brilliant pale turquoise seas, properly hot sunshine and cream teas might not seem to go together, but in Devon they do! Devon is stunningly beautiful and crammed with exquisite houses and cottages.

The most popular care homes in North Devon have people queuing to sign up to come and live in this lovely area, known respectively as the Jurassic Coast or the English Riviera for its prehistoric finds and the sheer beauty of the coastline.

The Wirral

A ticket-shaped stub of land, the Wirral peninsula extends out, bounded by the River Dee to the west and the Mersey to the east, into the Irish Sea. Thus bound on three sides by water, the Wirral has a unique community spirit all its own, with hundreds of historical sites and cultural offerings to go with the many miles of seaside and coast.

Liverpool lies just over the Mersey, and the whole of Wales lies south of the Dee: allowing for plenty of day trips both in and out of the Wirral. Care homes abound in the Wirral as there are plenty of large old houses that have been converted for the purpose, as well as custom-built retirement villages for those who can still live relatively independently.

Isle of Wight

Just south of the south of England, the Isle of Wight is known for enjoying much milder weather than the larger mainland enjoys. Snow is rare and even frosty days are unusual, so the Isle is ideal for those who can no longer tolerate the cold.

Charmingly, red squirrels abound on the island – it is one of the rare places that the invasive grey squirrels have not gained a foothold – and it is a beautiful and welcoming place whether you are just visiting for a week, or moving to the island as a long-term resident.

Do you know any other popular care home locations? Is an area you live near popular? Do comment and let me know.

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