I am guessing you have clicked on this post out of intrigue but it isn’t as it sounds. I am not a relapsed alcoholic though the amount I used to drink in my younger days… View Post

This year I am determined to get back to fitness in particular running. I used to enjoy it so much and felt such a sense of achievement when I crossed the Great North Run finish… View Post

As my regular readers and social media followers know I am struggling with my weight at the moment. It has gone up and up over the last 12 months and the Jen that was at… View Post

I have suffered with depression since quite a young age. I know as young as 11/12 I first felt suicidal and worthless and over the years this has never completely gone, I have gone through… View Post

I have mentioned my fibromyalgia briefly before but I felt it would be a good idea to actually write a post about it and share my experiences with you. Whilst I know everyone is different… View Post

It will be four years in January that I first joined Slimming World and started my weight loss journey. Back in 2014 I never imagined that I would get to my target weight and could… View Post

During my Facebook live session I answered a lot of questions about my weight loss journey and following some questions afterwards also I thought here would be a good place to put those answers down… View Post

I know many of my followers and readers found my blog due to my amazing weight loss of over 10 stone. I still cant believe I did that, I lost over 10 stone in 15… View Post

My little attempt at a poem about secret eating and sabotaging yourself for the full week!

In recent weeks I have decided that a part of my life needs to change, I can no longer carry on with things as they are and I know that I need to be stronger… View Post