We all love a picnic when the weather is good don’t we. A nice walk with the family for some great exercise followed by sitting on the grass somewhere enjoying some nice food. It can… View Post

**This is a Collaborative post** – read what that means here. Ben is 12 now and a bit too old really to have a bedroom decorated for him. Not in the same way as a… View Post

**This is a sponsored post** – read what that means here. Are you a breakfast person? I never used to really eat breakfast but now I try to make myself have a bit of something.… View Post

**Sponsored Post** – to read what this means click here. As children get older then start to feel like they need a grown up bedroom don’t they with less cartoon characters and more grown up… View Post

**This is a sponsored post** – you can read what this means here. This week I have spent some time trying to make our beds more cosy and generally refreshing them a little. Every now… View Post

**This is a Collaborative post** Growing your own food to save money, be more environmentally friendly or just for fun can apparently be really easy. I am really keen on the idea but all I… View Post

**This post is sponsored by Aquafresh** – read what that means here. Pre-teens are a difficult age in some ways with starting to hit puberty and also wanting to be less of a child. Ben… View Post

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Whilst I would love to have a house with a huge kitchen and lots of space the reality is I don’t and I am sure neither do you. I have spent a little time the… View Post