This is a Collaborative Post. When it has been a hot day and you retreat upstairs for bed there is nothing worse than a hot stuffy room is there? It is nice to feel like… View Post

When I was a little girl, like many children I imagined a prince sweeping me off my feet. I imagined living in a big house, my prince buying me clothes shoes and jewellery. Of course… View Post

When I was approached to share some information with you about Japanese Knotweed I must admit I was clueless. I had never heard of it and guessed it was just a random weed that you… View Post

The summer holidays are approaching. Are you already wondering whether you should be giving up on Slimming World now and re-joining in September? There are a few reasons why this is a terrible idea. Firstly… View Post

I have been thinking lately about decorating in the lounge. As I work from home and do this in the lounge I do spend a lot of my time in it and have some great… View Post

Do you think children or teenagers should have mobile phones? What age is old enough? How do you know they are safe? What if they run out of credit? Or they build up a huge… View Post

Have you got party fever? Maybe you can’t wait for the excuse of Christmas to get people together for a bit of fun and games. Worry not! Summer can be just a good excuse as… View Post

If you have quite a small kitchen like we do then organisation is key otherwise you end up falling over yourself trying to find what you need and forgetting where you have put things. I… View Post

Collaborative Post We have all been teenagers haven’t we and when the parents suggest a nice family walk we are filled with dread! I know although Ben is only 12 he has started with this… View Post

I love the idea of turning the garage into an office. Unfortunately we don’t have a garage here so I can’t but it doesn’t stop me dreaming! Just think the size of a garage would… View Post