**Sponsored post** Personally I believe many people like myself with food issues have essentially got a food addiction. Quitting eating unhealthy foods can be just as difficult as quitting smoking or drugs in some respects.… View Post

As someone who has been both a size 30 and a size 6 and various places in between over the last 5 years I feel I talk about this with huge experience. Why do we… View Post

**This is a Sponsored Post** Lately I have been thinking about this a lot. Especially after the horrific note was left on an ambulance windscreen recently saying they shouldn’t have parked in front of someone’s… View Post

Regular readers of my blog will know I am very open that I suffer from depression. I have struggled with it for a number of years now and whilst it isn’t always easy to lift… View Post

I have always been someone who doesn’t drink enough water so this year I have made a conscious decision to try and make myself drink more. When it isn’t a habit and as a child… View Post

So this week is the week where the Smear for a Smear campaign is really big. If you haven’t heard of it then where have you been? Seriously though it is all about the importance… View Post

I have mentioned my fibromyalgia briefly before but I felt it would be a good idea to actually write a post about it and share my experiences with you. Whilst I know everyone is different… View Post

I have talked about my depression previously with you but I feel it is a good time to chat about it a bit more and with a bit of a different take on it as… View Post

I read an article on the Daily Mail website this week (yes I know Daily Mail can be very much argument enticing articles but I couldn’t resist) about a lady who refuses to let her… View Post

The lovely Jane from Lady Janey Blog has written a guest post for Just Average Jen about how Multiple Sclerosis has affected her to raise a bit of awareness and understanding. She talks about how it has… View Post