As usual we are really excited for our holiday this year. We are going back to Mallorca and the same hotel as we stayed at last year (after we were upgraded!). It is just a… View Post

**This post is sponsored by Aquafresh** – read what that means here. Pre-teens are a difficult age in some ways with starting to hit puberty and also wanting to be less of a child. Ben… View Post

The lovely guys over at Ocean Spray recently sent us some cartons of juice to try. The Ocean Spray Whole Berry juice is available in two flavours, Ocean Spray Whole Berry Cranberry, and Ocean Spray… View Post

I absolutely love cooking and don’t mind taking the time measuring out different spices. I love hunting out recipes for different meals. Sometimes it would be handy to just have the recipe and appropriate spices… View Post

Ben loves playing board games with us. His favourites are Rummikub, Monopoly and Scrabble so when I was asked if I would like to try the new game Numbalee out I thought why not, Ben… View Post

Ben and Stuart do love a good watch so when I was offered this one for review they were both very keen! If you haven’t previously seen Globenfeld they are a very good quality brand… View Post

I have often seen items from Red Candy advertised but never really taken a proper look so when they asked if I would like to order from them and review I was keen to see… View Post

I hate cleaning and I am sure I am not alone in that and you guys do too. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think our house is disgusting and I do keep on top… View Post

When I was sent this lovely watch to review Ben was very impressed and asked if he could have it. Globenfeld is a well known and good name in watches so I was keen to… View Post

The world has changed so much since I was a child and now technology is everywhere. I remember when I first got a tablet computer they were very basic and slow. My first one was… View Post