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Flirting is an art, which not every man has mastered. However, there are many guidelines on attracting a girl, as well as many tips and tricks videos that are widely popular all across the world, the mystery of successfully talking to a woman to many remains unrevealed. And with the popularity of dating apps, this task has got even more complicated instead of becoming straightforward. Chatting is a big way to move forward!

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Luckily, there is an easy solution for all those who are still struggling with having a relaxed chit-chat with a girl and keeping her interested. If you, too, are not sure how to start texting a girl you like, or simply would like to discover a few tricks that can make you seem more attractive to others, follow our simple guide:

Be Yourself

This might seem like a no-brainer but trust us: a girl can sense if you’re not honest with who you are and how you present yourself when chatting. Don’t act overly confident, if, in reality, you’re shy. Instead, use the features and traits that you have, accept them, and present them as they are without being embarrassed about who you are. Even if you’re a bit awkward, you can still laugh about it!

Don’t Be Scared

In order to successfully chat with a girl, you shouldn’t be overly scared or nervous. If you can’t control your emotions, work on some relaxing techniques, and exercises that can boost your self-confidence. 

Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, stand by your values, or crack a joke, if you feel like it – but don’t go overboard with dark humour! If the girl doesn’t like you for who you are, too bad: there’s still plenty of fish in the sea.

Be Direct

To avoid general confusion, you should be clear about what you expect and want during chatting her up. That doesn’t mean you have to set a general guideline for every meeting, but it would be beneficial if you were straightforward when it comes to inviting a girl for a date or organizing a meeting. Although playing a mysterious guy can be at times intriguing, in the long run, it might scare a girl who will be unsure whether you’re interested in her or not. 


If you have already succeeded in getting into a conversation with a girl, just start copying her expressions and movements. If she mentions a certain TV show or movie, join in and start talking about it. If she mentions an event she would like to attend, offer to tag along. And although you might pretend you have no interest in any of those at that moment, mention the same thing next time you meet. It will surely keep her interested in you.

Be Seductive

Do not think that this can only be done in the later stages of the conversation. If the girl likes you or she finds your company stimulating enough for her to get involved deeper into the conversation, then she will respond to your suggestions and moves – and will start thinking about what is happening between her and you.

This can even include the proposal of meeting again at a different place, time, or event. To make her feel even more comfortable with you, simply suggest spending some time together on neutral ground. Make sure that both of you agree on the venue and time of meeting beforehand – do not let this be left vague. Now all you have to do is wait for her confirmation!

Make Her Laugh 

A good sense of humour is one of the key characteristics of a real gentleman! Try making fun of yourself first, then make some situational jokes. If there’s something humorous in your life that happened recently, don’t miss the chance to talk about it. You can also choose online dating for advice.

Give Her Compliments

Note that women love when someone tells them that they found something special about them. Choose your words carefully. Saying “You look just like my ex-girlfriend” is absolutely NOT something that will impress women! Try to keep things positive as much as possible: tell her that her stories are great, she has an intriguing personality, etc. 

No matter if it’s her eyes or her style, remember to mention a particular feature that interests you. If she has a beautiful smile or simply likes cats, don’t miss a chance to say so! 

Sooner or later, this girl will get confused – does he like her cheekbones or her huge interest in music? It turns out both! When in doubt, sometimes just smile back and ask if there’s something wrong with what you’ve said. The most important thing is not to praise excessively.

The Bottom Line

Remember that women love with their ears. It means that no matter how you look and what your financial situation is, you have all the chances if you know how to approach women. 

To get any woman you like, start listening carefully and observing closely. You would be surprised to discover how many different signs women make!

The pandemic is almost over, so brush your flirting skills today and enjoy the results!

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