This article includes advertising for brands however I do only recommend products I genuinely do think would make a great gift. Women are often seen as easy to buy for but that is not always the case. If you are struggling with ideas for a lady in your life then I hope these ideas help you.

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Gifts for her home

This Pink Peony candle from The Copenhagen Company is gorgeous. It smells lovely and I love that it is also a gorgeous jar. So many candles are in stunning boxed but are quite plain aren’t they? At £12 it is a great buy for a lady who loves scented candles.

Does she have a phrase she says often and love to do crafts? The Kikkerland crafters DIY banner kit would make a great gift. At £22.50 from Jarrold she can decorate and make her own canvas for any room she fancies in her home.

One of the lights got broken so please forgive me!

For a different option to a photo frame why not consider a lightbox? This photo frame light box is a great gift. It can be either vertical or horizontal depending on the image you choose for it and can be wall-mounted. This is one of the lovely photo gifts available from Asda photo.

made by coopers pillow spray

Sleepy head, room and pillow spray from Made by Coopers would be a perfect gift for a woman who struggles to relax to sleep, perhaps with anxiety or just someone who is busy and rarely rests properly. It is £17.50 and includes lavender, frankincense and chamomile.

Perfume print

I think this print from Hidden Prints would be perfect for a lady’s dressing room or above a make-up counter. It comes without the frame so you could buy whatever frame suits her aesthetics or leave her to choose her own. Hidden prints have a range of prints including this perfume and flowers one available from 5.99, depending on size, this is a3 and is £17.99. I also got you a discount so if this is the perfect gift for you use code JEN15 for 15% off!

aroma energy travel set

Does she love essential oils and sometimes struggle to relax and sleep well? This Aroma Energy travel case with four essential oil blends could be a lovely gift for her. This set is usually £22.99 but is currently on offer for £17.99.

aroma energy oils

If your budget is a little lower than the set above you could buy a bottle or two of these seasonal essential oils instead. These are around £2.99 each and you could buy as many or as few as you choose.

A book gift

A great gift for mums and mums-to-be, ‘This Mum Malarkey’ is a laugh-out-loud account of the highs and lows of raising under fives. A great gift that will sure have her laughing so much she might wish she did her pelvic floor exercises (or as a mum-to-be might be reminded to do them!). The book is just £6.99 from Amazon.

rock n roll nanny book

Rock ‘n’ Roll Nanny is a memoir from Sally Arnold about her career working with some of the most well-known celebrities in the UK. She shares insight, unseen images and photographs into her experiences with people such as The Rolling Stones, Peter Gabriel, The Who and Lynard Skynard. The book is £13.99 and you can find out more about it and buy it from Rock n roll nanny.

up up and away book

Up, up and away is a great book for someone who loves nature and viewing amazing photography. It is an insect-eye view of the world in a fantastic book helping the reader to think more about the importance of diversity in the natural environment and think more about how an insect lives and our impacts on that. Up, up and away is available from Amazon for £23.

A novel based in Nottinghamshire written by popular local author Katie Trinder. Stanley Thomas is a very bad man is about Stan who meets his fate in the gallows in 1953 for murder but 35 years later the hangman is writing a book about his job and everyone has moved on but the book reunites them and forces them to deal with secrets from their past. A great read at £8.99 on Amazon.

countdown to a killing book

If you are buying for an avid bookworm who loves crime stories then Countdown to a Killing is a great one. It is one they will definitely love if they have read The Appeal by Janice Hallett. It is written from multiple perspectives as the content is the correspondence of all the characters to tell the story in a unique and amazing way. Countdown to a Killing is available from Amazon for £8.99.

Beauty and well-being gifts

This Power of 3 Goal Planner from Yop and Tom is amazing it literally has everything you need to help you smash goals and if she is someone who sets new year resolutions and likes to keep track of how she is doing then this would be a great gift for her. At £19.99 it is much cheaper than some other planners I have seen but actually lots better, it is undated and includes weekly, monthly and three monthly planners alongside areas to reflect! If this is the gift for her then buy it from Yop and Tom, it is available in other colours too!

I always think well-being is important so if you are buying for someone who loves to set goals and smash them then this could be perfect.

nivea rainbow set

For an easy gift for her, a Nivea gift set may just be perfect. This rainbow set includes antiperspirant, shower gel, moisturising cream and a cleansing cream wash. This set is usually £12 but you may find it on 3 for 2 offers and similar so it is worth keeping an eye out!

Embryolisse Lait Crème is a moisturiser that is good for all skin types and can even be used as a primer or make-up remover. If you are looking for a luxury cream for your recipient this could be perfect. It is £19.95 for a 75ml tube from Beauty Bay. Top Tip: Use top cashback to make it cheaper!

Golden glow bauble

The Evolve Organic Beauty golden Glow bauble is one of the favourites from my secret Santa gift guide. A small hanging bauble gift with a Bio-Retinol gold mask inside. For £13 (down from £15) it would make a great low-cost beauty gift.

Evolve beauty pink dream duo set

The Pink Dream duo from Evolve Organic Beauty is £32 (reduced from £38) and includes Kalahari dream cleansing oil and a Rose Quartz Gua Sha for massaging her face to improve circulation, tone skin and help with lymphatic drainage.

olverum bath oil

A busy lady needs a nice bath oil at the end of the day and this is why she needs Olverum. It is an amazing bath oil, relaxing and made with natural essential oils so perfect for someone with sensitive skin too (in my experience). This bottle has enough for 25 baths is £39.50 directly from Olverum.

This lovely set from FFS is a great gift. It includes all their products and makes for a great shaving gift for a lady. This set is £36 and includes free engraving of the razor if you like too. Check out this and other shaving gifts for her on the Fuss Free Shaving website.

A travel bag full of small travel-size toiletries would be a great gift for a keen traveller. This Women’s Travel set by RINGANA is £53.68 and includes a cleanser (15 ml), tonic pure (15 ml), cream medium (10 ml), hydro serum (5 ml), body milk (15 ml), foot balm (15 ml), hand balm (15 ml), body wash (50 ml), shampoo (50 ml), stay fresh (50 ml), deodorant (5 ml) and tooth oil (15 ml) buy it directly from RINGANA.

Spiffy mental health package

This mental health care package from Spiffy is an amazing gift for anyone. So many people struggle with their mental health and I absolutely love this pack as it contains so many gift ideas for her all together. It includes Remindfuls cards (affirmation cards), The Positivity Playbook (fun activities to keep them positive), The Good Daily notebook (prompts to help them see the positive every day), Airdoh infused with essential oils, a push popper keyring, a tea bag and a little sunshine mascot. All for just £30 from Live Spiffy. An absolute bargain in my opinion as I love everything in mine and the contents sell individually for almost £50!

Cosmetic organiser

This gorgeous cosmetic organiser is clear with a rose gold coloured frame so it is stylish as well as useful. I hope the photo does it justice as all the products in it are full size so it shows how big this organiser is. It would make a great gift for a lady who loves make-up and needs somewhere to put it all. It is available for £69.99 from VonHaus.

hairbrush in box

How about a new quality hairbrush? This large paddle brush is perfect for long and thick hair. It is of professional quality and £25 from Electric Hair.

How about a personalised makeup bag? This one is huge but there are different sizes available to which you can add photos of your choice to. I had a different photo on each side of Ben, for his girlfriend! They are available from Asda Photo and delivery is pretty quick too!

Beauty roller from homedics

This HoMedics Facial Beauty Roller is currently on offer at £24 down from £39.99 so a great bargain for her this Christmas. using a roller like this increases blood flow to the face and helps make the face appear brighter and reduces signs of tiredness. A great gift for any lady in my opinion!

Snail 96 beauty product

Have you ever heard of using Snail secretions in beauty products? COSRX advanced snail 96 mucin power essence is one of these products and is recommended for use after cleansing and toning but before moisturising to improve skin elasticity. At £24 for a bottle from Boots, it would be a great gift for a beauty lover who loves to try new things.

SBC beauty products

These lovely products from SBC could be great ideas for her if she is someone who looks after her skin and likes to try something new. The Hydra-Collagen & Black Pearl Moisturising Gel is from £7 for 100ml and this is 300ml and £19.50 and the body wash is from £5 for 100ml, this is 300ml and £13.50. they are available directly from SBC skincare.

Simone thomas book and biotin excellence supplement

Simone Thomas is one of the UK’s leading hair and nutrition specialists and has written an amazing book to share how nutrition affects your hair and body. With her advice, your recipient could learn which nutrients could be having an impact on her dry hair for example and how simple changes could improve her wellness overall. The book is £15 directly from Simone Thomas Wellness.

Biotin Brilliance is a high-dose Biotin food supplement from Simone Thomas which is formulated to help maintain hair and skin, It is advised to take the product for 3 months and to always consult a doctor before starting so maybe something to discuss with her before you buy this. The tablets are vegan and 30 are available for £30 for a month’s supply or if you sign up for a subscription it costs just £24 a month from Simone Thomas wellness.

seams handcream

This is my favourite hand cream and it makes a perfect gift too. It isn’t sticky or expensive so in my eyes, it really is the perfect hand cream! SEAMS hand cream is just £16 for a tube which lasts for ages and it is available from SEAMS Beauty.

Gaia cracker with rollerball

The Gaia pulse point cracker is a great low-cost gift that you don’t necessarily even need to wrap up! It is designed for her to rub onto her wrists or other pulse points and contains black pepper and ginger and is formulated to help the immune system and bring positive emotions and a feeling of empowerment. It smells lovely and is just £15 from Gaia Skincare.

Bloom and glow oil

For an uplifting small gift, this Angela Langford Bloom and Glow face oil is lovely. It is formulated to help with radiance and restoration and to be honest I love it. It contains all-natural ingredients and none of the padding-type ingredients many products have. I would recommend it for someone a similar age to me (the early forties) and whilst it is a tiny bottle it lasts a long time. This bottle is £20.50 from Angela Langford.

Arran after the rain set

If she hasn’t tried the scent After The Rain by the £30 Arran – sense of Scotland then she really should. It is a beautiful scent and this set includes 300ml bath and shower gel and 200ml body lotion so a perfect starter for her to see if she loves the scent as much as I do. There are lots of other great gift ideas for her on the Arran website so do take a look even if this isn’t perfect for her.

Gadget gifts

Emporia mobile phone

If you are looking to buy a gift for an elderly lady who has not had a smartphone before but would be interested in trying one then this is absolutely perfect. It is designed with older people in mind and easy to work and with all the functions you would expect from a smartphone.

Emporia mobile phone

The Emporia SuperEasy is £200, it comes with an easy-to-follow instruction book (none of this nonsense of having to find it online or with a QR code!), it is suitable for use with hearing aids and the screen is large and clear. If this had been available when my grandparents were alive I would have definitely bought them one.

Wireless charger wooden in a box

If the lady you are buying for has quite a recent mobile phone it is likely it has wireless charging as an option. This Wireless charger is stylish and as a 10w charger, it will charge her device reasonably quickly too! It is £49.99 from The House of Marley.

Food and drink gifts

There are lots of great gift ideas for her in the food and drink area.

mango and papaya gin

A bottle of gin would be a great gift for her. This is one of the amazing gins by J J Whitley (I am a huge gin lover so I may be biased!). This Mango and Papaya gin is available in all good supermarkets and can be found priced anywhere between £13 and £20. Sainsbury’s is the best value I have found at the moment!

If you would prefer to buy them a non-flavoured gin, something more unique or perhaps that is their preference then this Ramsay’s gin in something different I am sure they will love. Ramsay’s Gin is a delicious new take on a classic London Dry Gin inspired by the taste of Scotland and a collaboration between Eden Mill and Gordon Ramsey so using only the best ingredients.

Honeyberries, grown just six miles from St Andrews, form the botanical base, this perfectly complements the Mara Seaweed sustainably sourced from the Fife coastline. These are combined with pink peppercorn, fennel seeds, lavender, and lemon verbena to create the perfect balance of citrus, floral and savoury flavours. This gin is available from Eden Mill for £28 which I think is great for a unique gin like this.

Dairy Diary

I love the Dairy Diary and have used it for a few years now. It is a gorgeous diary and also has recipes in it too for inspiration. A great mix between a recipe book and a diary. It gets bonus points for me as it has a great tit on the front which is one of my favourite birds and reminds me of my Grandma.

inside the dairy diary

The Dairy Diary is £8.99 and is available from Dairy Diary.

Pair or iridescent gin glasses

If you are buying for a lady who loves gin but you don’t want to buy her a bottle of gin or perhaps already have one for her but would like an additional gift, these gin glasses are perfect. The pair are £15.99 and have a stunning iridescent design. I couldn’t get a photo to show them well so I have shared the image on the box instead! Buy them from Cook Serve Enjoy. This is one of my favourite gift ideas for her as it goes well with a bottle of gin or and means even when the gin is finished she still has a gift.

Gin infusion bags

This Gin Tonic Fusion box contains 9 bags, like tea bags, to make ordinary gin into a flavoured or unique gin. It is perfect for gin lovers and is just £3.89 from Amazon!

Fashion and style gifts

Shuda grey slippers

These soft and cosy slippers from Shuda Living would be a great gift for her. They are £34 and not only will they keep her feet warm in style but they will also help her spend less on the bills as she is keeping warm!

If she prefers boot-style slippers then how about these super comfy ones from Bedroom Athletics? They are made using 100% recycled faux fur and a memory foam footbed. I promise you they are so comfortable and soft as well as being great for the planet. If these would be great ideas for her, they are £35 from Bedroom Athletics in 3 different colours and with three size options.

Lily blanche locket

Lockets and personalised jewellery make great gifts and these ones from Lily Blanche are no exception. The one above includes space for a small message to be included with a choice of having one included in it or perhaps even making your own. This would be an amazing way to ask a lady to marry you! This personalised locket is £190 including the rose gold bird charm as shown. There are different metal choices available so take a look.

This Bee locket is also stunning and as you can see you can include two photos in it. See more photos of my bee locket in my previous review. I love all the lockets and jewellery from Lily Blanche so have a look and see if anything would make the perfect gift ideas for her. I personally love the white gold locket range and the rose gold lockets rather than yellow gold but take a look at what she wears already for ideas.

Vendula pyjamas

Pyjamas are a lovely gift for her and don’t have to be boring ones from the usual high street stores. These gorgeous pyjamas from Vendula London are usually £50 but are currently on offer for just £25. They are 95% bamboo and so soft it is unreal! Check out the range of stylish and comfy pyjamas from Vendula for more designs.

Vendula gin bag

This purse/bag from Vendula London is gorgeous and whilst it looks like a bag it is a phone pouch with a strap. One side is like a large purse, the other side is a pouch for her phone so perfect for those nights out where that is all she wants to carry! The design is called Gin Bar and is so detailed it is amazing.

vendula purse open to show card slots

Made from vegan leather it is very durable, I have been using it for around 2 months and it still looks as good as new. A great gift for any gin lover! The Gin Bar phone pouch is usually £47 but currently only £32.90 from Vendula London.

Only curls hair clips

If you are buying for a lady with curly hair then the Only Curls products are fantastic. they have a variety of products specifically designed and formulated for curly hair and these clips are just £8 so perfect for a budget buy.

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