This gifts for foodies guide includes items I have been sent by brands to consider for inclusion which is seen as advertising. I have however only included items I genuinely would recommend and included items that I was not sent too just because they are great ideas. Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas gift guides for more present ideas.

Buying gifts for a foodie can be really difficult and if you are buying for someone who is healthy eating then you can’t buy chocolates, can you? These might give you some alternative ideas.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips of what not to buy here.

Christmas gifts for dieters

Spicentice Vindaloo pack on red and white background with green border

Spicentice sells a large range of spice kits to make tasty meals. If you are tasked with a £5 budget to spend on someone who likes cooking or is on a diet then this might be the perfect gift. Check out the range here and use my discount code JUSTJEN20 for 20% off kits start at £1.59.

Edifier earphones

For someone who is exercising more earbuds may be perfect. These Edifier TWS1 Pro earbuds are available in ivory or dark grey and are IP56 water and sweat resistant.

Definitely great for exercise and nothing will stop them as these have Bluetooth v5.2 which means they provide a more stable Bluetooth connection less likely to have them having to stop and reconnect! At £45.99 on Amazon they are cheaper than something like Airpods but pretty good and I am sure will be appreciated!

Seaweed salt, flakes and seasoning tins

When you are trying to lose weight flavouring your foods can make all the difference so this is why I recommend Seaweed salt, mixed seaweed flakes and herby seaweed seasoning. Seaweed is often not thought of as a great addition to meals but you are really missing a trick! This set of three tins is just £14.75 from The Seaweed Food Company or individual tins are £4.95 each with refill pouches also available.

Pro youth bars

For someone who uses energy bars or protein bars, this trial pack from Pro Youth might just prove to be perfect for them. With high amounts of protein, they are perfect for people exercising who want a slow release of energy. This pack is £6.25 here.

More taste less waste recipe book

A new recipe book can be a perfect gift. This More Taste & Less Waste could be perfect to help them cook with things they might have thrown away otherwise using healthy ingredients and having fun too. Pick it up for just £9.99 on Waterstones.

Recipe book open

What about a diary as a gift?

The Dairy Diary with lavender on the front

Diaries don’t need to be boring gifts and this Dairy Diary shows that. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves to cook with tasty weekly recipes throughout, one shown in the image below. It also includes kitchen tips, budgeting pages and inspirational articles to read so it is like a food magazine and diary in one!

At £8.99 it is a similar price to a more boring diary so I think it is a great choice. Check it out in more detail on the Dairy Diary website.

Open diary showing a recipe and blank entries
Nibble chocolate chips

How about some tasty Madagascan chocolate chips from Nibble? They are a perfect buy for someone who loves baking and is also health-conscious as they are full of flavour at just £3.99.

Christmas teas in Christmas tree shaped box

If you are buying for a tea drinker who loves loose leaf teas then I think this might be the gift for you. At £24.99 on Amazon it is a lovely gift for tea lovers.

Christmas gifts for foodies

One of the county’s biggest foodie success stories, Hickory’s Smokehouse, has a whole host of Southern-inspired gifting ideas. From full-on seasonal BBQ feasts, all ready to heat and eat at home to a fabulously festive range of gifting ideas that are perfect for foodie friends, BBQ fanatics and cocktail connoisseurs! these two products are from the range though there is lots more to choose from so pop and take a look.

The Egg Nog above is a perfect Christmas gift and just £12 for the 500ml bottle! The Southern Tastes of America set is £15 and includes Magic dust, Homicide sauce (which I believe is not for the faint-hearted so not something I will try!) and BBQ Sauce which sounds delicious and I can’t wait to try it.

chocolate brownies from wild tea bar

If you fancy some brownies as a perfect gift then I can assure you these are amazing. This pack of 4 is £12 from Wild Tea Bar and is available to send directly to the recipient and a card that can be personalised. They are so tasty I promise you that they will be gratefully received! They are even available in a subscription box!

Green and Blacks are such a popular chocolate brand why not take a look at their hampers and see if it would make the perfect gift. Check the Green and Blacks gifts here.

How about a chocolate pizza kit? This box is £12 though and contains the below so it depends if you think it would make a good gift for someone who will make it into a pizza. Otherwise, check out the other gifts on Cadbury Gifts Direct.

What do you think? Would you make it?

Are you buying for someone who loves mulled wine? Perhaps these mulled wine kits could be perfect gifts for them from Steenbergs. The Old Hamlet mulled wine sachet is just £1.20 from Steenbergs. the red cube is a pack of Mulled wine spice pouchettes with four spice bundles in muslin. Each bundle will make 75mls of red wine (or use cranberry juice for a great non-alcoholic alternative). This is £4 also from Steenbergs. The box on the right of the image above is a pack of 5 sachets for mulled wine from Steenbergs for £2.40 so all cheap but tasty gifts.

A cookbook to celebrate British farmers and their food with stunning recipes for all the family using ingredients grown and raised in the UK. Check out one of the recipes below.

This book is available from most bookshops such as Waterstones for £22.

For those inspired by Season 12 of The Great British Bake Off, The Bake Off Box (GBBO’s official baking box service) has a unique selection of gifts perfect for budding and experienced bakers alike, this Christmas.

From a kit to create your own Christmas cake extravaganza to bundles of premium baking equipment to suit different budgets, take a look here.

This is the Salted Caramel mini roll set, not only does it include the ingredients to make amazing salted caramel mini rolls but also a baking sheet to keep afterwards!

opies savoury jars

For someone who loves different foods then how about a jar of something from Opies? They do everything from Pickled walnuts to red berries in pink gin so there is something for everyone.

opies jars of fruit in alcohol

The range as a whole can be viewed on the Opies website with individual items available from Waitrose, Amazon, and some supermarkets in the lead up to Christmas. Check all stockists of each item on the Opies website.

Guylian chocolates

For an easy supermarket gift for a foodie why not buy some nice chocolates like Guylian, they are so much better than something like Roses or Quality Street that everyone gives!

Popcorn shed packets on red and white background

Popcorn makes a lovely gift and it doesn’t have to be the boring variety available in the supermarkets. Popcorn Shed has an amazing variety and boxes like this are £4 each with a huge variety of flavours available including birthday cake, Christmas pudding, Cherry Bakewell and Pecan pie alongside savoury flavours too. Check out the variety here and the different multipacks available for if you want to save and buy a number of people some delicious popcorn for Christmas!

wine gifts including a wine cooler, server and thermometer

Most foodies love a good bottle of wine to go with their meal but to get a good bottle you need to serve it well. These accessories will help them out. The one-hand server is just £7.26 from The Container Store, the wine thermometer is £8.49 from Lakeland and the wicker style wine cooler is £6.31 on Amazon.

Luxlo for gin lovers in blood orange

Gin lovers will love the Luxlo Blood Orange drink. It is lower calories than gin and has less alcohol but tastes just as good in my eyes. For just £30 a bottle it is a great option for those looking to enjoy drinks but reduce the alcohol they drink.

Farhi nuts

These tasty chocolate nuts are in the amazing range from luxury chocolate brand Farhi, for £25 you can get a lovely Papier Mache large Bonbonniere like this with chocolate covered nuts, raisins, ginger or similar. Check out the range here.

Cranes bottle of cranberry and blood orange liqueur

Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur is the perfect Christmas gift with its festive flavours and award-winning flavour it is sure to be something different for them to try this year. Available to order on Amazon Prime so perfect for a quick addition to your present pile too! A 20cl bottle is just £9.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips of what not to buy here.

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