This Christmas gifts for her guide includes items I have been sent by brands to consider for inclusion which is seen as advertising. I have however only included items I genuinely would recommend and included items that I was not sent too, just because they are great ideas.

I often struggle with ideas of what to ask for at Christmas so if you do too this could help you. Alternatively, if you are buying for a lady in your life and stuck for ideas then hopefully these will help. I have tried to include a mixture of suggestions for all budgets.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips on what not to buy here.

Gifts for a beauty and fashion lover

Buying for a beauty lover need not be hard with these ideas.

Clean sweep pot on flannel on red and white background

This Angela Langford Clean sweep cleanser is a small jar but it sure goes a long way. Using a pea size amount each time will last well. I have recently started using it and I am really impressed. My skin is really sensitive but I have found it great so far. Buy it directly from the Angela Langford website for £18.

Perfino: An innovative natural scent jewellery brand, which combines expertly blended, 100% natural, pure essential oils with exquisite jewellery so you can wear scent all day long without any chemicals touching your skin. Check out the Perfino website.

Do you need to buy someone who loves reading style magazines and is a little difficult to buy for? This small pink coffee table book is perfect for that lady who loves style. It recounts the story of Coco Chanel and her story as such an influential fashion designer. Check it out for £8 here.

How about a unique bag? Pri Pri, is a collection of colourful accessories upcycled from Indian saris and handmade by a charity in India supporting women’s empowerment. Upcycled Tote Bags are available in two sizes. Each unique and all using waste from repurposed saris. Made by underprivileged women undergoing training in tailoring so they can earn income and gain confidence. Buy them from £9 here.

Echor sleep candle

For a lady who loves essential oils how about a Signature Echor essential oil blend encased in soy wax it is like a spa day in a jar! At £24.99 from Echor, it is perfect for her to have at the end of the day whilst doing an evening beauty routine!

Thermo Dr eye mask

Does your mum, sister or friend have headaches, dry sore eyes, or just needs to relax? Well, this is the perfect Christmas Gift for them. Simply warm it up in the microwave for a few seconds, place the eye mask over your eyes and drift off into a new world of relaxation. Recommended by opticians, this is a safe, drug-free and reusable way to unwind and remove tension. What better gift can you give a loved one!

Neves bees lip balm set

I love lip balm and wear it every day, I even have some on my desk as my lips often get dry while I am working. This lovely set from Neve’s Bees is just £15 and worth every penny. There are three different scents and they come in eco-friendly packaging too so great for the environment. Check them out on the Neve’s Bees website.

rapid brow and rapid lash sets

These lovely two sets, RapidBrow and RapidLash both include serum to help enhance the eyelashes/brows. With improvements expected in 8 weeks, I am hopeful it will make my brows and lashes nicer! Both are available from Beauty Bay for £36.75 (Eyebrow) and £39.75 (Eyelash).

Brite hair colour in silver and purple tubes

If you are buying for someone who loves to change their hair colour these semi-permanent ones from Brite are great and available in a variety of colours including the pictured silver and purple. All are available from Superdrug, check them out here.

St Moriz tanning products on red and white background

If she is a tanning fan then how about these lovely Self Tan products from St Moriz? With a large variety available you are sure to find something for every budget!

This is silk pillowcase cover

If you are buying for a beauty lover then they probably already know the many benefits of a silk pillowcase. It can help prevent hair from getting damaged due to lack of friction and breakage. Silk pillowcases are also great for skin and help prevent ageing apparently! Silk pillowcases are often not cheap so this is a perfect alternative. It is like a half pillowcase that gently ties over your pillow providing all the benefits at a good price! A perfect beauty lovers gift! Check them out here.

Homely gifts for her

How about buying her something beautiful for her home? This is one of the stunning items from Etsy Store The Cosmic Workroom and is just £9.

Another favourite of mine is this Do what you love print from Ink & Drop complete with black wooden hangers for £26 at Ink & Drop.

I absolutely love this one too it is so motivational and also great if you love the song! It is going in my office to remind me I can do anything! Check it out from Ink & Drop for £26.

For a more classical look how about this vintage Great Britain map, like the others it is from Ink & Drop for £26 with the black wooden hangers or around £13 without depending on the size you choose.

A melt in time wax melts

I love candles and wax melts and have them on most of the time whilst I am working. It is so relaxing and makes the house smell lovely. These A Melt in Time wax melts and burner are luxurious quality and they make the house smell divine.

If you are buying for a candle or wax melt lover I definitely recommend checking these out. The wax melts last much better than cheaper options and smell amazing until they are finished.

Check out a Melt in Time for the range available with melts for £3.99 with bundles making them even cheaper!

three tins of soy candles

Did you know that not all candles are considered to be vegan? Those made with beeswax are often not used by vegans so if you are buying a gift for a vegan friend or family member these candles from Vegan Bunny are lovely.

They are soy candles and there are some amazing scents including Christmas Tree, Chai latte and Ginger and Lemon. The prices start at £7.90 on the Vegan bunny website.

A gadget

Computer clip on phone stand

For a workaholic or someone who has never got their phone far away, how about a computer clip-on phone stand? This one is available from Lakeland for £9.99.

jlan wireless earphones

Earphones can be a great gift and these JLab Go Air Bluetooth earbuds are great with one charge giving 20+ hours of playtime. The earbuds can be charged in just 90 minutes, they are water-resistant so great for sport or in the rain, have passive noise cancellation and are really easy to set up.

Something to eat or drink

Green and Blacks are such a popular chocolate brand why not take a look at their hampers and see if it would make the perfect gift. Check the Green and Blacks gifts here.

A coffee machine can be a great gift for a coffee lover, even if they already have one maybe they are ready for a newer one and this Melitta Enjoy Top Timer coffee machine is perfect. It is a drip-style machine that can make up to 10 cups at once so perfect for big coffee drinkers.

I love that there is even a programme to remove limescale so you don’t even have to do that! Read more about it on the Melitta website. Check it out on AO on offer at £59 at the moment.

If your recipient already has a coffee machine then maybe a coffee subscription would be a good gift for them? Cafeneo is a popular coffee subscription.

Each box contains fresh speciality coffee beans, ground coffee, and a treat for you to enjoy that compliments the coffee well. This may be something like a baking kit. In the first box, you get a free handheld coffee bean grinder.

wine gifts including a wine cooler, server and thermometer

Are you buying for someone who loves a bottle of wine? These accessories will help them out. The one-hand server is just £7.26 from The Container Store, the wine thermometer is £8.49 from Lakeland and the wicker style wine cooler is £6.31 on Amazon.

Luxlo for gin lovers in blood orange

Gin lovers will love the Luxlo Blood Orange drink. It is lower calories than gin and has less alcohol but tastes just as good in my eyes. For just £30 a bottle it is a great option for those looking to enjoy drinks but reduce the alcohol they drink.

A diary gift

The Dairy Diary with lavender on the front

Diaries don’t need to be boring gifts and this Dairy Diary shows that. It is a perfect gift for someone who loves to cook with tasty weekly recipes throughout, one shown in the image below. It also includes kitchen tips, budgeting pages and inspirational articles to read so it is like a food magazine and diary in one!

At £8.99 it is a similar price to a more boring diary so I think it is a great choice. Check it out in more detail on the Dairy Diary website.

Open diary showing a recipe and blank entries

Something to make her feel good

These cards are lovely, they come in a deck of 50 cards with little mindful reminder cards to help you feel good. A perfect gift for a lovely friend or family member who likes motivational phrases even includes a cardboard stand so they can display their favourite on their desk or dressing table. At just £9.99 from Live Spiffy, they are an amazing gift and one I am buying for a friend of mine!

box of Arran perfume

How about this lovely perfume from Arran? It smells amazing and is £55 a bottle. A nice alternative to the standard high street choices this can be bought directly from Arran and is called After The Rain. If you want a perfume they may not have tried before I thoroughly recommend this one so pop over and check it out.

Mood cards in tins

I am a true believer that everyone should buy things for themselves and spend time working on themself thinking about how they can feel a happier person. I’m not saying it always works and as you know I still suffer from terrible depression but I do think that it helps. These Mood Cards look amazing and definitely something I want to try.

Mood cards

Each tin contains 20 practical activities that are easy to do and perfect to get you in a positive mindset. There are two different tins available, a set for just you, and a set for a couple. Depending on who you are buying for you could easily buy either. They are both great. Each set is £12.50 from The Mood Club and they are great quality in handy tins.

Meee in a minute; 60 ways to improve your life in 60 seconds: A book containing a collection of life hacks, advice, insights, science, stories, short exercises, quotes and more that can help you improve your life. Definitely a great gift for someone who loves self-help books and wants to start focussing on themself more. Check them out on the Meee in a minute website.

A gift to yourself

Claire Mackintosh books

One of my favourite authors at the moment is Clare Mackintosh and I thoroughly recommend her books to you. Ben bought me these for my birthday and I am yet to start them however highly recommend Hostage by her which I have already read! Check her books out on Waterstones.

A Jewellery gift

Lily blanche locket

Jewellery is a great gift and I truly don’t think you can get much better than a locket. I love this Lily Blanche Locket in Rose gold with a hexagonal design and a small silver bee. With a 24″ chain and my choice of engraving (I chose “My Family”) this is £165 from Lily Blanche. What do you think? Is it your friend or family members style? I know Stuart would love to buy me something like this (if I didn’t have it already!) so it would be a great gift for a partner too.

If you use code Jen10 you can get a 10% discount too!

Lily blanche locket open with photos inside

Are you looking for something even more unique?

I absolutely love the jewellery from Kelzo. These are just two examples of their range. Kelly and Zoey are queer jewellery makers and designers in Wales who have a gorgeous LGBTQIA+ range with rainbow designs and donate to charities that support the LGBTQIA+ community. Check out all the lovely jewellery they make on the Kelzo website.

A charity gift

Miracles mission tshirt

If you are buying for someone who told you not to buy them anything but you still want to, or perhaps loves animal charities, then this is the gift for you. For just £8 you can buy a t-shirt like this and support Miracles Mission in protecting animals.

Something different

For a woman who loves jigsaws why not get a lovely new one for her, that is modern and fun. The piece and quiet puzzles are nothing like the boring country cottages and woodland scenes everywhere seem to have! They are fun and lovely images perfect for a unique and lovely gift. Check them out on the Piece and Quiet website.

bike watcher mirror

For an avid bike rider why not buy them a Bike Watcher, it is a little like a rearview mirror attached to your wrist for handy use! Check it out on Amazon for £12.50.

What about a gift of a new hobby? I love the look of this Gemstone embroidery kit with everything you need to get making amazing works of art like this, even if, like me you are not very crafty! Check it out here.

Painting by numbers set

If you are still not sure what to get that lady in your life then what about a painting by numbers set? This is really intricate and would take a lot of time to complete (50p in the image to give you an idea!). It would be a great gift for an arts and craft-loving lady or alternatively someone who likes to relax and try new things. Check them out on Etsy here.

Harry Potter badge

Harry Potter is popular with so many people of all ages. If you are buying for a fan then this pin could be a lovely unique gift. It is available from the Harry Potter Shop for £14.95.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips on what not to buy here.

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