This young children’s guide includes items I have been sent by brands to consider for inclusion which is seen as advertising. I have only included items I genuinely recommend. Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas gift guides for more present ideas.

Young children can be hard to buy gifts for if you don’t know what they already have. Hopefully, these ideas will help you easily choose online from stores like Amazon.

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For babies, toddlers and preschoolers

These are so cute and I love little ones in dungarees. Bibevie have lovely bibs, dungarees and even gift wrapping available for a little cutie who has all the toys they need! These are £28 and soft, stretchy and practical made from bamboo and organic cotton perfect for comfort and the environment. Check them out on the Bibevie website.

When you are buying for a baby who doesn’t really need anything why not consider some high-contrast art for their bedroom? Some of them can be personalised too so they are great for babies of all ages and even as a gift for a bump too if you know someone expecting! These are available from The Bobbing Dot and made by a mother of three who suffered from postnatal depression so £1 per print is donated to PANDAS to help with postnatal awareness.

Children often get far more toys than they can actually use so why not buy them something useful they will love instead? This bamboo dinner set is gorgeous and will hopefully encourage every little one to want to eat their veggies and it is good for the environment too. Check the range out here.

Christmas is the perfect time for boys to get gifts that are both fun and beneficial. Why not invest in boys’ beds with storage, as it saves much-needed space and provides boys with a safe place to sleep? With options made from birch wood or eco-friendly rubber that can be customised in size and design, beds with storage will make an impactful gift which they will enjoy for years to come. 

If you are buying for a youngster who loves pretend play then I would highly recommend the Dantoy range. This Frosty dessert set is just one of many pretend-play toys made by Dantoy and all are of amazing quality and will last well. Check out the full range on Amazon.

Why not consider Treble & Trumpet’s ‘The Classical Nursery’ CD? The CD’s are £10 including P&P. All of the music (including our album ’The Christmas Nursery’ and new release ’The Classical Playtime) is available for free on Spotify and downloaded on iTunes for those without CD players. Sending a Spotify link to new parents is a lovely gesture that costs nothing, but will save them from jangly, synthesised, annoying nursery rhymes! Check it out here.

Classical musicians Lucy and Matthew Knight founded Treble & Trumpet in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unexpectedly stuck at home with a new baby, the opera singer and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra trombonist quickly became frustrated by the lack of high-quality nursery rhymes on Spotify and other streaming services. Knowing the benefits of classical music for little ones, they started writing and recording new arrangements which used the full range of the symphony orchestra.

Geomag magic cube

Magicube are magnetic building blocks perfect for children aged 1-5 and there are a number of different sets available in all good toy shops including these sets on The Entertainer.

Farm in a box gift on red and white background

If like me, you hate it when toys come in so much useless packaging then this is definitely a gift you will love. Farm in a box is a farm playset where even the box forms part of the set! Check the stockists on Britains.

The LiTTLEDUG Toy Workstation and Tool Set, perfect for children 3+. This product is a great imaginative playable toy that also develops children’s fine motor skills! Inspired by the BiGDUG BiG400 Heavy Duty Workstation, the LiTTLEDUG Workstation is a must-have present for young engineers, DIY gurus, decorators, builders, and for any kids who want to help Mum & Dad out with odd jobs around the house.

The workstation comes with a mini toolset, including a spanner, socket spanner, hammer, screwdriver, pliers and a vice. With over 60 pieces included in the bundle, it will keep them busy for hours!

Alongside bath products why not buy them their very own little washbag to take when they sleep at grandparents houses? These cute bags are from Bluebowl and just one of the lovely unique gifts for children they sell so why not take a look at the Bluebowl website here.

Orchard toys pigs in blankets mini game

Orchard Toys are a popular brand of games and puzzles for young children, well known due to always being of good quality and often being used in schools and nursery schools. This Pigs in Blankets game is perfect for children aged 3-7 and is only £5.35 directly from Orchard Toys.

Children’s colouring books for gifts

squibbles books

Fancy buying kids a colouring book but want something different and fun? The Squibbles are unique, cool and designed to make any youngster smile. Check them out on the Squibbles website and my photo below!

squibbles books open

For young school kids

Geomag set

Geomag are popular magnetic building toys great for kids aged 5+ who love to create and build. There are limitless options with the sets really allowing them to use their own imagination and the more sets they have the more they can create. A great STEM toy encouraging learning through play. There are lots of different sets available so check them out and choose the perfect one. View a selection on The Entertainer here.

Dear Santa jigsaw puzzle for kids

This Dear Santa jigsaw puzzle is great for a festive-themed gift for a jigsaw lover. Available from one of the top jigsaw brands Gibsons, you know it is of good quality and has 150 pieces. Ideal for children 6+ but maybe younger depending on their jigsaw abilities. Buy from Gibsons for £11.

Buddy phones kids wireless headphones

Kids love gadgets too but I know as a parent it is worrying how lud they try to listen to music to. The Buddyphones Play+ are perfect as you can not only limit the volume they listen to music at but also as they are Bluetooth you can be in control of what the kids are listening to without them even needing their own device! Available from Amazon for £44.90.

Activity gifts

The mummy teacher learning through play cards

My Mummy Teacher, Learning Through Play cards are perfect for a youngster who is always on the go and needs the inspiration of things to do. With the help of an adult, there are activities on the cards to keep them busy and learning without realising they are learning! Check them out on the My Mummy Teacher website and buy the card packs for £12.99 a pack with packs available for newborns, 6+ months, 1+ years, 2+ years, 3+ years and 4+ years.

toucan box

This year Toucan Box has released its first advent calendar alongside a Christmas themed box. As you can see these craft boxes are the perfect letterbox size and contain so many craft-based activities suitable for children aged 3-8.

toucan box open

It is a great subscription gift but the boxes can be ordered as a one-off gift if you prefer to. Check them all out on the Toucan Box website and see which is the right gift for the child you are shopping for.

Play chocolate set

PLAYin CHOC is a unique gift idea with each box containing two chocolates and a little puzzle. There are sets like the one above with 6 boxes in for £15 or advent calendars with 24 boxes (£55) or 12 boxes (£27.50) to make a fun and tasty gift for the little one who loves chocolate and little puzzles! Check out the PLAYin CHOC website for more details and to buy.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips of what not to buy here.

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