This older children gift guide includes items I have been sent by brands to consider for inclusion which is seen as advertising. I have only included items I genuinely would recommend. Don’t forget to check out my other Christmas gift guides for more present ideas.

Do you find older children hard to buy for? They always seem to want expensive but small things like mobile phones, computer games or jewellery so I wanted to share some other ideas with you.

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Journaling and self-care gifts

Mood cards in tins

I am a true believer that everyone should buy things for themselves and spend time working on themself thinking about how they can feel a happier person. I’m not saying it always works and as you know I still suffer from terrible depression but I do think that it helps. These Mood Cards look amazing and definitely something I want to try.

Each tin contains 20 practical activities that are easy to do and perfect to get you in a positive mindset. There are two different tins available, a set for just you, and a set for a couple. Depending on who you are buying for you could easily buy either. They are both great. Each set is £12.50 from The Mood Club and they are great quality in handy tins.

Beauty and fragrance gifts for her

This is silk pillowcase cover

If you are buying for a beauty lover then they probably already know the many benefits of a silk pillowcase. It can help prevent hair from getting damaged due to lack of friction and breakage. Silk pillowcases are also great for skin and help prevent ageing apparently! Silk pillowcases are often not cheap so this is a perfect alternative. It is like a half pillowcase that gently ties over your pillow providing all the benefits at a good price! A perfect beauty lovers gift! Check them out here.

Neves bees lip balm set

I love lip balm and wear it every day, I even have some on my desk as my lips often get dry while I am working. This lovely set from Neve’s Bees is just £15 and worth every penny. There are three different scents and they come in eco-friendly packaging too so great for the environment. Check them out on the Neve’s Bees website.

Brite hair colour in silver and purple tubes

If you are buying for someone who loves to change their hair colour these semi-permanent ones from Brite are great and available in a variety of colours including the pictured silver and purple. All are available from Superdrug, check them out here.

Clean sweep pot on flannel on red and white background

This Angela Langford Clean sweep cleanser is a small jar but it sure goes a long way. Using a pea size amount each time it will last well. Aimed at ladies rather than teenagers it may be something you easily overlook but the quality makes it well worth considering and great for a young ladies skin. I have recently started using it and I am really impressed. My skin is really sensitive but I have found it great so far. Buy it directly from the Angela Langford website for £18.

eye serums for brows and lashes

These lovely sets, RapidBrow and RapidLash both include serum to help enhance the eyelashes/brows. With improvements expected in 8 weeks, I am hopeful it will make my brows and lashes nicer! The RapidGlam kit is all about making those lashes more glam! They are available from Beauty Bay for £36.75 (Eyebrow), £31.95 (Glam) and £39.75 (Eyelash).

Earthly nail polish and Embryolisse spray

New beauty products can be an ideal gift for an older teen who is growing into a lady who loves beauty. This Embryolisse beauty oil is £24.99 for 100ml and is perfect for face and hair whilst also being Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist tested, Cruelty-free, Parabens free, Sulfates free and Phthalates free.

The Earthy nail polishes are £7.99 each and vegan as they are completely plant-based, cruelty-free and available in a variety of stunning colours. Check them out here.

A gadget or gaming gift

Computer clip on phone stand

For an avid gamer, how about a computer clip-on phone stand? This one is available from Lakeland for £9.99.

X Go2 kids smart watch

If you are buying for a child that desperately wants a smartwatch but you are looking for one that is designed for children and at a reasonable budget then maybe you should consider the Xplora XGO2 smartwatch is £99.99 directly from Xplora. It comes with a giffgaff sim card and allows children to make and receive calls, voice messages and texts but only with pre-approved contacts.

Puro headphones

Looking for headphones perfect for children? The Puro sound Labs are amazing for kids and teens as they are wireless, have sound limiting and are designed for kids ears in mind. Check them out on Amazon if they might be the right gift for the child or teen you are buying for.

IMO Q4 pro 2021 phone and its box

If you are looking to buy a mobile phone for someone who wants the latest phone specifications without the cost then the IMO Q4 Pro 2021 could be perfect. I reviewed it in more depth here and you can buy it from Tesco on the Tesco mobile network.

Edifier earphones

For someone who is exercising more earbuds may be perfect. These Edifier TWS1 Pro earbuds are available in ivory or dark grey and are IP56 water and sweat resistant. Definitely great for exercise and nothing will stop them as these have Bluetooth v5.2 which means they provide a more stable Bluetooth connection less likely to have them having to stop and reconnect! At £45.99 on Amazon they are cheaper than something like Airpods but pretty good and I am sure will be appreciated!

A gift fo something to do

Learning Resources is one of the best places I know for educational kids toys and activities and this is just amazing. A Robots in Motion Building set where they can build a robot and transform it into different vehicles! It is just £46 from Learning Resources.

This George’s Marvellous Experiment Kit from John Adams looks amazing. I remember wanting to make a concoction after reading the book when I was younger and this has 15 amazing experiments which will not involve using your entire medicine cabinet! Check it out for £24.99 on Smyths.

Hotwires is a popular set for youngsters who like to create and invent things. With over 100 experiments they can build alarms, radios etc all within this one kit and it is educational too! Check it out for around £54.99 from Brightminds or other toyshops.

Have you seen the Little Box of Books they are available as a subscription to keep your child recipient in books every month or as a one-off gift.  These beautiful book boxes celebrate the representation of all races, cultures and families. They make an ideal Christmas present to diversify children’s bookshelves – so they truly reflect the society we live in. Prices start at £19.99 and this set is one for children age 8-11.

Lego friends set

I loved Lego but when we were younger the sets were nothing like they are today, were they? I love the girly Lego friends sets like the hotel but also the sets like Big Ben and they even do a Lego Adidas trainer! Where were these sets when I was young?

Mechanics geomag set

Geomag is a popular building brand for kids which revolves around magnetic parts. The youngest set of it involves magnetic blocks and they are really straightforward, then comes the standard Geomag building sets many children love, followed by the Mechanics sets. These are amazing and aimed at children aged 8+ to build and create their own toys with easy to follow instructions. This set is currently £26.24 from The Entertainer.

Jewellery and fashion gifts

I love this bag for a teenager it is stylish and useful too perfect for college, shopping or even just using in the home to keep their room tidier! This is just one in a large range from Vivid Design House so check them out with all bags under £20 (prices vary depending on style/size).

Lily blanche locket

Jewellery is a great gift and I truly don’t think you can get much better than a locket. I love this Lily Blanche Locket in Rose gold with a hexagonal design and a small silver bee. With a 24″ chain and my choice of engraving (I chose “My Family”) this is £165 from Lily Blanche. What do you think? Is it your friend or family members style? I know Stuart would love to buy me something like this (if I didn’t have it already!) so it would be a great gift for a partner too.

If you use code Jen10 you can get a 10% discount too!

Lily blanche locket open with photos inside

Something different

Are you buying for someone who is a really big Star Wars fan? The boxes of gifts available from Fanboxxed are perfect with a variety of available boxes and something for everyone! The above image is an example Star Wars box. Below is a Batman box also from Fanboxxed. Do you know someone who would like these?

Which is your personal favourite?

Green and Blacks are such a popular chocolate brand why not take a look at their hampers and see if it would make the perfect gift. Check the Green and Blacks gifts here.

Great british place names map

For a hilarious gift for a teenager why not consider this Marvellous Map of Great British place names, with the oddest and rudest names. I have shared a sneak peek image below showing a few of them, it is hilarious you will most definitely love it and want to keep it for yourself. Given the nature of some of the place names, I would recommend them for older children/families but the choice is yours! It is available in this fold-out version for £14.99 from Marvellous Maps.

close up of map with rude names

Ben absolutely loves the map so if you are buying for a teen like Ben it may be perfect for your youngster too!

Pirate island mug

Most kids love pirates when they are younger but if you think your older child or teen is still a fan this heat changing mug would be a lovely gift and at only £10.20 it is a great stocking filler or budget gift too.

Miracles mission tshirt

If you are buying for someone who loves animal charities, then this is the gift for you. For just £8 you can buy a t-shirt like this and support Miracles Mission in protecting animals.

Harry Potter badge

Harry Potter is popular with so many people of all ages, especially teens and preteens. If you are buying for a fan then this pin could be a lovely unique gift. It is available from the Harry Potter Shop for £14.95.

Another favourite of mine is this Do what you love print from Ink & Drop complete with black wooden hangers for £26 at Ink & Drop.

I absolutely love this one too it is so motivational and also great if you love the song! It is going in my office to remind me I can do anything! Check it out from Ink & Drop for £26.

Check out lots of other gift guides and my tips of what not to buy here.

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