I absolutely love Christmas and have been known to wear Christmas onesies with crazy Christmas tree hats and such out of the house during the festivities. If I could wear a different Christmas outfit for every day of December I would. I buy Christmas underwear, Christmas socks and of course Christmas earrings. Who wouldn’t want to be as festive as possible? Are you like me, or do you know someone who is? Have you thought about a novelty suit? If not then why not! They are amazing!

Ben age 12 wearing a suit covered in $100 notes design

Ben is a bit like me and loves to be a bit different. When he saw the Oppo website and the Christmas Suits he loved them! We were asked to try out an Oppo Suit and Ben really couldn’t decide which one as he loves them all so much. He decided on the Cashanova as he said it makes him look rich! Whilst he loves the Christmas choices he was worried he wouldn’t be able to wear it as often as he liked so this was a perfect choice for him. He wears adult size clothes now as he is tall and almost 13. So we thought we would share with you our thoughts on the suit so you can decide if an Oppo Suit is right for you!

box from Oppo Cashanova suit and suit jacket

The choice of suits

The choice of suits is outstanding. There really is one for every occasion and Ben has his eyes on a few now he would like to be treated to! Some are a little more discreet than others but the general theme is loud and wild. Their tag line is “worn to be wild” which is a perfect description. If you want to go to that wedding, Christmas party or event and really look different then look no further. For someone like Ben who loves things like this he was in his element.

Don’t worry if you are reading this and don’t know any men who like this kind of thing, there are women’s suits too! They are just as amazing! I am so tempted with one for Christmas but will see if I can lose a little weight first before I buy one!

Ben wearing a cashanova oppo suit with a $100 note design

The Quality

To be honest I really was not sure what to expect with the quality as they are very much occasional outfits aren’t they. If you think about fancy dress costumes they are often not made to last but made for the purpose and I imagined these to be similar. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was so very wrong. The suit we received was great quality. It is lined and well made with it packaged well with tissue paper.

The sizing was good and it seems very true to size with this one fitting Ben perfectly with a bit of space for him to grow. He wants it to last he loves it that much. Though Ben doesn’t have a shirt to put under it yet he cant wait to get one so he looks the part! He has even got me to order him some gold shoes to go with it he found online!

Do you like to dress up and wear something a little different? Would you be brave enough to go to your work Christmas Party in a suit like this? If you are do tag me in the photos online I would love to see which ones you go for.

Disclaimer: The suit above was sent to us in return for sharing our views of the suit and a link to show you wear to buy them. All views are our own and we needed no encouragement to order a fun novelty suit because they are ace!

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