If you have a sweet tooth and are always picking on snacks then here is something new you may not have seen. When Claudia Bakers Kitchen asked me if I would like to work with them I had to take a look at their website. It was not a brand I had heard of previously.

Selection of wrapped energy bites in all different colours in a cardboard box with a lining of yellow paper.

This looks like a tasty box of chocolates doesn’t it? What if I told you that actually each of the energy bites there is less than 30 calories? If you follow Slimming World this makes them 1.5 syns each so you could have 10 in a day!

What are the Energy Bites made from?

Each of the flavours is made differently. Essentially they are naturally sweet with fruits and many of the flavours are nut-free, gluten-free and dairy-free. Claudia Bakers Kitchen Energy bites do not include any extras like colours or flavours!

Included in your order is a list of ingredients for your selection such as you can see below. I was impressed to see allergens are clear on it and that specific ingredient are used for their filling qualities. For example, Inulin is used as it apparently helps you feel fuller for longer. Inulin is naturally found in many fruits and vegetables but when harvested specifically to add to things like this it is from chicory root usually.

opened cardboard brown box showing yellow paper with a thank you sticker to seal and a key to the different energy bites inside along with ingredients list.

What are energy bites good for?

These are a lovely alternative to chocolates and due to their raw and natural ingredients are of course much healthier! If you are looking to cut down on refined sugars then these are perfect for you.

Energy balls and Energy bites such as this are great for before workouts or a snack afterwards to give you a bit of a boost.

A handy snack to have if you are a bit of a grazer like me who opens the cupboards looking for food to eat on a regular basis! Are you like that too?

a wrapped and unwrapped brown chocolate coloured energy bite on a green paper background

How big are Energy bites?

Whilst we all dream of low-calorie snacks that are the size of mars bar the reality is it just is not possible. These are quite decent size and I think more filling for their size than a golden barrel sweet from a big tub of Roses at Christmas. Let’s face it we never just have one! In comparison, the Roses sweet is 2.5 syns and approx 51 calories!

Here is a picture of one of the Claudia Bakers Kitchen energy bites in my hand to give you an idea of size.

hand holding an energy bite wrapped in purple and silver spotted foil.

How much are the Energy Bites?

We all know that energy balls can be expensive. I have seen individual ones (though a little bigger) for around £1 each in the supermarket! With Claudia Bakers kitchen there are a variety of options available including small bags with just a few bites in and the boxes I tried. If you feel like there is not enough chocolate in them for you then check out the deluxe bites!

The box I received was from the Healthy Snacks for a Year range. The idea behind this is that these letterbox size boxes each contain 24 energy bites and you can choose how many you receive a month. This is perfect for keeping you on plan knowing how many you have and how long you would like them to last.

The boxes cost £7.89 a month if you have a box of 24 in your order.

Selection of wrapped energy bites in all different colours in a cardboard box with a lining of yellow paper.

A discount for you!

If you are tempted to try them but not 100% sure if you want to spend the money in case they are not to your taste then panic not. I have a code for you that gives you your first 3 boxes half price from the Healthy Snacks for a Year range! So 24 energy bites for £3.95 including delivery! Isn’t that a bargain?

For this discount just use code JenHSFAY when you checkout! There is no commitment or contract. You can try them and then decide if you want to reorder or not. I am sure you will like them though!

The boxes fit through the letterbox so you don’t even need to be in when they arrive!

sealed cardboard letterbox sized box with a sticker stating low calorie healthy cakes for a year

Would I recommend Claudia Bakers Kitchen Energy Bites?

Yes I would recommend them they are lovely. Whether they help you with your weight loss is down to individual preferences and motivations! They are tasty and great flavours which myself, Stuart and Ben all enjoyed. Except the ones with nuts in as Ben has a severe allergy so has to avoid nuts! They are definitely nice looking too for a gift if you are looking for something for a Slimming World follower?

brown energy bite with a wrapped energy bite in green foil on a black background.

Something similar homemade?

If you fancy something like this but made at home then how about trying these three ingredient chocolate bliss balls?

Pinterest pin of Claudia Bakers Kitchen healthy snacks

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  1. Will have to have a look! I’ve been looking for some tasty treats! And these being vaguely good for you!