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If you’re a parent, you know the struggle of trying to keep the house clean when the kids are home all the time and have nothing to do but make a mess. Even the most well behaved and organised of kids are going to let go at some point and just throw things around, and get crayon all over the walls, and spill their drinks on the carpet. All in all, even when you trust your kids and you know they’re being careful, your home can still come a cropper! Easy clean decor is not impossible, read on to discover how to do it.

But what do you do? When the kids are in the house and you’re trying to keep it altogether? Well, you think about what you could change in terms of home decor! You think about what upgrades need to happen, and what alterations you can make on your floors and walls and in your furniture, to ensure your home is easy clean and you’ll never struggle again. 

So, without further ado, here are some of the most easy clean decor for when you’ve got kids and need to accommodate for their natural clumsiness and carelessness.

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Consider the Sofa/Armchair Material

Your kids love to lounge around on soft surfaces, don’t they? That’s why you can never get them off of the sofa, or from the beanbag in the corner – simply because it’s fun to lounge around and watch the TV or play on a console you’ve kindly bought them. But because of this, it’s also very easy for these same materials to get dirty and grimy, and you’ll be tearing your hair out trying to get that bag of beans back inside the cover after you’ve washed it for the thousandth time. 

So, it’s time to consider the material of the furnishing in your home. Because if they’re furry or felt to the touch, you need to consider more of a wipe-clean surface with an easy clean neutral hallway. Something like a faux leather couch, or even just a couch cover, can do a lot for a home like yours. It saves on laundry detergent, and it definitely saves on having to replace your sofa cushions every six months or so. 

Hardwood Flooring Works a Treat

If you have carpet on your flooring at the moment, think about it. Does it look even remotely similar to the colour it once was when you first purchased it and laid it out? Have you even noticed just how dirty and worn down your carpet has gotten? Because once you do notice it, you’re never going to be able to look away from it again! And that’s why it’s time to think about investing in hardwood flooring. It lasts longer, it has a lot more durability in it, and you’ll be able to easily mop and/or vacuum it whenever you need to. 

When the kids spill a drink or crumble their cookies all over the hardwood, it won’t get stuck in the shag pile, and you won’t be dealing with a buildup of dirt and bacteria either. Indeed, shops like Westcoast Floors that offer hardwood flooring are the most family-friendly flooring option you can reach out to right now. Definitely the perfect easy clean decor.

Open Up Your Storage Spaces

You’re also going to want to open up your storage spaces, to make it easier for the kids to pick up and put away after themselves. If you’ve got shelves in the cupboard under the stairs for all kinds of toy and item assortments to go on, the kids aren’t going to care much. They’re not going to bother to open the cupboard and reach up to put things away – no, they’ll just leave everything out and strewn everywhere. Because kids have short attention spans, and it’s a lot of effort to have to do chores, isn’t it? 

So get yourself some item sorters, or a cubby hole system, and make sure it’s pride of place in the living room or the hallway. Give your kids the chance to put things away themselves by putting the storage system right in front of them. It’s much easier for you to manage too; just pull open a drawer and shove some things in and you’re done with the cleaning for the day! 

So, how are you going to make your home a more kid-friendly place? And most of all, how are you going to make it an easy clean space to live in? It’s all up to you, so keep the above tips and tricks in mind! 

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