Not all experienced comedians can be flexible and have the ability to bring various types of events. Even if there are, maybe the amount is not much. Each comedian has a different character and way of communicating. They have their own specifications.

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There are comedians who are very skilled and insightful in music so it is suitable for hosting music events. There are also comedians who specialise in weddings, birthdays, formal events, and also dinner parties. Hiring comedian services in accordance with his specialisation will make it easier for us to coordinate.

For this reason, the first step we need to take when we want to hire a comedian is to determine the criteria that are appropriate for the event that we are going to hold.

Do we need comedians with certain language skills such as Mandarin, English, or regional languages? So, these are the tips to look for comedians for hire.

Adjust the budget to hire a comedian

Each event organizer must have a special budget for hiring comedian services. So when we start choosing comedians to be hired, we also need to adjust the budget.

If we rent services through creative service marketplaces such as, there is a “ask for tariff” feature that can help determine the right comedian for our event. So, no need to bother making small talk anymore.

Expand the references and copy the style of your role models

Now, there are many YouTube videos that provide standup comedy shows. Both the national and international classes.

The comedian can often watch and take inspiration from him. How comics make chronology, put punchlines, bring them on stage, and use intonation.

Study the comedian’s portfolio carefully

This portfolio can be in the form of a comedian recording while hosting an event. Professional comedians usually make available documentation like this as a portfolio.

Even if not, we can also see it through recordings on social media. This recording can help us give an idea of ​​what kind of comedian speaking style we will rent services.

Ask for references or recommendations from people who have hired comedian services

It is very important to find references for comedians we will rent from their previous clients. When we hire comedian services in a creative services marketplace like, these client references and recommendations are immediately displayed. So, no need to bother looking for references everywhere.

Do a background check and make sure the comedian’s experience

Conducting background checks is an important thing to do today. As the “face” of the event, we are going to hold, their background will greatly influence the smooth running of the event.

Well, for example, if we want to hire comedian services for educational seminars, it would be more convincing if the professionals we rented also have insights and knowledge in the same field. So that the improvisation that he made also remained in accordance with the context of the event.

It’s better to choose comedians who have a background that matches the event. For example, for a marathon event, we choose the services of those who also like running or have experience participating in marathons

In addition, hiring a comedian with high-flying hours would certainly be better than hiring a comedian with minimal experience. Comedians with high experience can be assumed that he has more experience handling unexpected situations that might occur during the event. Even so, comedians with high-flying hours will usually also charge a higher rate. So, readjust the available budget.

If observed, imitating the style of speech and character of famous people rarely work. Moreover, the person who was used as a parody was warmly discussed. This method is most effectively applied to various types of topics such as social and political and topics that are relevant to the audience.

Theatre performances, advertisements, and films use this technique a lot. 7. Try manipulating the audience to carry our stories. If that’s the case, make a surprise surprise as a climax

Bring the audience into the chronology of the story that the comedian brought. When they are late and serious, boom! The comedian gave a surprising contrast to his chronology. This surprise must be able to make them laugh.

If not, the audience will fall asleep, get bored, and have difficulty anticipating unexpected stories. For example, try watching comedy films and advertisements from Thailand that often make unexpected surprises and endings.

Create the right moment to surprise the audience. Not too long, not too fast

The right time is the most common comedy style. Do not be too long and too fast throwing jokes (punchline) to the audience. If it’s too long, the audience who from the beginning expected that there would be funny surprises, would wait and wait until they got bored because the cuteness that was thought of didn’t appear too.

They will leave before the punchline comes out. Therefore, comics are required to make time efficient so that their comedy immediately appears in the beginning and in a series afterwards.

The comedian is a super different character but makes people curious on one side

If you often watch stand-up comedy, surely you know many comics who sacrifice themselves as a joke. One of the criteria favoured by the audience is: insecure, socially awkward, and irrational.

Sometimes, viewers can laugh just by looking at gestures and expressions. As long as the comedian uses familiar gestures and expressions

Mimics and gestures play an important role in a comedy. People laugh easily when jokes are thrown with fun gestures or funny expressions. Of course, use gestures that are familiar to many people and mix them with parody. For example, imitating animal gestures or imitating innocent expressions in the style of children.

Tell the character in very difficult conditions. In this situation, silly stories might take place

Make a person’s character or even his own character, involved in a complicated situation. Tell us how this character struggles with the situation or how the response of people around. Suppose the comedian is a woman who is heavily pregnant.

When the husband left for work and the maid went to the market, his stomach hurt until the comedian shouted. The bachelor in charge arrived. This is where the potential punchline can be the comedian insert.

Now, it’s not confusing anymore how to choose the right comedian for our event. If you are still confused or blind at all about comedian services, I suggest choosing comedians through the creative services marketplace.

Don’t forget to get a cake if this is also a birthday!

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