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A building in construction


From time to time, we may wish to renovate, extend or reconstruct parts of our home. You might liken this to a kind of medical procedure, and your home the patient. Your home will not have its full functionalities while this work is being completed, finished and recovered from. It will need to be planned meticulously. Finally, sloppy work could lead to many more issues than you would like to deal with.

Taking care of your home during heavy construction work is absolutely essential. This is because in the process of bettering your home, it’s important not to take two steps forward and one step back. Construction work can be messy, it is loud, and it can bother you. For that reason, it might be tempting to find additional lodging somewhere else for a temporary period, say in a hotel or with family members. However, before you do that, or before you decide to weather it, consider how you can take care of your home before work begins. This way, you can limit damage, issues that might be experienced, and a range of problems you might wish to prevent.


What You Breathe In

While it might seem that living in your house while construction work takes place is more than doable, if you have young children, pets, or perhaps those with particular breathing sensibilities, it can be worthwhile to find alternate lodgings for a time. This is because in an open construction site, where walls might be getting demolished or new ones constructed, plenty of dust can settle. Even with sheets keeping the room disparate, it’s not uncommon for it to travel to a degree you cannot control. However, if the construction work is far enough away and you segment it securely, and allow for alternate entrances into the house, you may be able to avoid inhaling this. Dust masks can also help when in proximity.


Construction tends to be a place that pests are disturbed, can be found, or can settle. An open entrance into your basement, crawlspace, or even main floors can sometimes be found. This is why it’s incredibly important to be vigilant and acquire the services of pest control no matter if you wish to prevent or clean an infestation.

Furniture Care

Another victim of a shoddily-planned home construction is your furniture. Dust can cause true damage, discoloration, or perhaps render the item unsafe to continue using until deep cleaning can be completed. For this reason, finding a secure place to store your furniture in a clean environment is essential. Anything valuable near the area of construction must also be covered in dust sheets. On top of that, you may make certain concession such as removing furniture in proximity to the site but still on its border. This way, you can ensure that you needn’t lose your property as a result of the upgrade.

With these tips, you’re sure to take care of your home well during heavy construction work.

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