Disclaimer: We were gifted a family day out at Coral Island, Blackpool including meals and additional payment in return for this review. We had so much fun though that I would have written this post anyway!

Coral Island is an amusement centre in Blackpool which is so much more than just a few machines. It truly is a family day out. We went last week while we were away in Blackpool to check it. Here is a lowdown for you on what to expect.

The exterior of Coral Island in Blackpool

What is there to do at Coral Island, Blackpool?

The amusement arcade

Like any seaside amusement arcade, there are lots of 2p machines, 10p machines and other such fun. There are grabber machines where you can win a giant teddy, camel derby and every machine you have ever seen in an amusement arcade you will find over at Coral Island.

Coral Island Blackpool

The camel derby was great fun and £1 per race. Everyone was encouraged and there were prizes for winners and some for kids who took part on a number of races and didn’t win.

Coral Island Blackpool camel derby

Rides at Coral Island

The centre is not just full of amusement machines though, it also has rides such as the ghost train and pirate flyer. Both are a couple of pounds a turn and add to the fun of the day out. There are also some VR rides which are great fun for all the family.

ghost train Coral Island Blackpool

Ben absolutely loved the Rabbids VR ride which you can see below. It was great to watch what he could see on the screen too!

vr ride at Coral Island Blackpool

Whatever your age or interest there are activities for you such as driving games, and dancing games. With change machines throughout the centre, you can always get the coins you need.

car driving games at Coral Island Blackpool

Extras without cost at Coral Island

The whole centre is pirate-themed with places like the statue below to take photos. There are pirates walking around happy to have photos taken with you too.

ben with head in statue at Coral Island Blackpool

The pirates wandering around the centre like Captain Jack below were all friendly and have stickers and chocolate coins to hand out to children.

Ben with pirates at Coral Island Blackpool

The Giant deckchair

If your children like to have a souvenir photo on a giant deckchair then there is even one of these for you to have family photos on.

Ben in giant deckchair at Coral Island Blackpool

Eating at Coral Island

In Coral Island, there are a number of different places you can eat including Peggy’s snack bar and a traditional fish and chip restaurant. We tried both of those and really enjoyed the food.

They have plenty of seating and the prices are reasonable. Kids eat free all day every day too with paying adults so they are perfect for all the family. They were clean and well-stocked each time we visited.

Peggys snack bar Coral Island Blackpool

Whether you want a traditional breakfast before you start your day or for lunch pie and chips, fish and chips or a burger there really is something for everyone.

The food was lovely and as we visited on one of the rainiest days of summer it made the trip perfect as we didn’t have to leave Coral Island to eat!

breakfast at peggys snack bar Coral Island Blackpool

Your visit to Coral Island, Blackpool

There is free WiFi available at Coral Island meaning you can easily stay in touch with your friends at home. You could post on social media and tell them what fun they are missing.

The toilets were clean and tidy each time any of us used them.

If you need change there are machines and staff located at various points around the centre happy to help you and if machines get stuck it is easy to find staff to help then too!

Whilst you might not think you would need a whole day to visit Coral Island you really do! If you want to read another view of Coral Island check out this one by The Strawberry Fountain. You will get engrossed in the fun you are having and before you know it you discover it is teatime!

In my opinion, planning a whole day there is necessary to really enjoy yourselves and make the most of everything there is on offer. There are so many other things to do in Blackpool so spend a few days there. Here are some great suggestions.

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  1. Great review! You’ll definitely find me at the snack bar. ? you guys looked like you had a lot of fun! ??

  2. It looks like such a lot of fun. I know my daughter and I love places like this with interactive things. And we would definitely love the pirate theme. Looks like such a good time was had.

  3. Sounds like a perfect outing especially if the weather is bad and you are looking for something to do inside. My kids would for sure have a blast there.

  4. wow!What a great place for a family fun day!My kid would love to visit such a place.It is nice that there are lot of fun activities to engage.

  5. Oh, wow! This place is definitely worth visiting! It’s reallt nice to know that you all had a great time!

  6. It is such a fantastic day out isn’t it? Jack adored the VR and Olivia was enamoured by the 2p machines – I think she may have actually left with more 2ps then she started with and she won some sweets from it so she thought it was magic. It is fab for families.