Homemade gifts can be lovely for Christmas, as can homemade cards. If like me you are not particularly artistic I have a great option for you here.

I was sent this set of three Crystal art Christmas cards and they look great. If you like painting by numbers, Scrape foil art kits and similar then this will be something you will also love.

DIY Christmas art packs on red festive paper

How does Crystal art work?

Using a clever little tool you apply crystals to an image following the guide which tells you which crystals go where. I guess it is like painting with numbers but using glue and crystals! Pretty cool huh?

As you don’t need to be able to draw it makes it really easy to create something really attractive. Of course, it is a little fiddly but the end result is stunning and makes a great card.

Where are they available?

The Crystal art sets including these Christmas cards are available from Craft Buddy who have a number of stockists across the country you can find them on their website.

There are small kits like these cards and bigger kits to really work on so there is a massive variety available.

Who are the Crystal Art kits for?

The kits are perfect for adults and children aged 8 and over. There are kits perfect for all interests. If you are buying a gift you need to post the size of the smaller kits to make them perfect.

If you are unsure whether the recipient would enjoy them then buy a small kit and see how they get on. It may become a new hobby for them with them asking for them again and again.

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  1. Little donkey as I have fond memories of playing the coconut shells when we performed it at primary school to our parents

  2. I’ve always loved santa baby – i like its not religious in any way and it jokes about stuff and its not insulting to certain people or has any really negative connotations (baby its cold outside or fairy tale of new york)

  3. When a child is born because of the great combination of lyrics and music that just sets the tone for Christmas at my house