It seems like summer is a distant memory. All those photos on our phones and cameras to look at whilst wearing jumpers with the heating on! What happened to the heatwave lasting until October that was mentioned – all lies!

Memories are better on walls so why not order a canvas print of one of your favourites? They can be pricy though cant they and which company do you trust without breaking the bank? I have checked out CanvasChamp for you to see what the order process, price and print quality were like.

canvas on a wall

CanvasChamp Ordering Process

It was really easy to navigate the CanvasChamp website and see what was available. There are a variety of sizes of canvas prints available alongside other gifts such as photo gifts, acrylic prints and calendars.

After selecting your product you just upload the photo and begin to make it your own. There are options such as the way the edge is wrapped around the edges.

I chose to have the image continue around the corner however you can choose a coloured border or the mirrored image if you prefer depending on your image.

Canvas Print Pricing

I was absolutely stunned by how good the prices are. An A3 size print which measures 16″x12″ is just £11.15. There are additional costs for frames or a thicker canvas but for a print like mine on a 0.75″ frame that is the price you pay.

If you wanted a caricature or similar effect then you would be paying extra but for sepia, colour or black and white there is no extra cost.

Canvas Print Delivery and Quality

Around a week after I had ordered the print arrived. It was well packaged and bubble wrapped so didn’t stand any chance of damage in transit.

Upon opening the print it was in perfect condition and of the correct size etc. The print quality is great and is wrapped around the canvas frame nicely.

In my opinion, there is no difference in this to any other canvas print I have ordered in stores or online other than the price is amazing!

If you fancy ordering don’t let the price put you off. It isn’t cheap because it is poor quality, it is just good value!

Custom Canvas Prints from CanvasChamp - A Review

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