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If you are single and looking to date but struggling for ideas of where to go then here are some ideas for you. Obviously, if you are in a tier that means you should not go out except for essential travel then this is not possible at the moment but when the time is right these ideas should help.

Grounds of Newstead abbey

Going for a socially distanced country walk

Is there somewhere local to you that you could meet up for a quiet walk? If you are walking somewhere quiet it doesn’t matter if you are not right next to each other you can still chat and get to know each other!

If you are in Nottinghamshire somewhere like Newstead Abbey is perfect for that. With so many lovely areas of woodland or rivers in the UK, you are sure to have somewhere near you to explore.

Go to an outdoor attraction like a Zoo

If you can keep socially distanced then having a walk around the zoo with someone could be a lovely date. Chatting and laughing about the animals etc. Why not go during school hours if possible for a quieter trip too! If you are in Essex dating then how about Colchester Zoo?

In the Stoke on Trent area, you have different options like driving to Chester Zoo or Monkey Forest at Trentham Gardens which is lovely. What is there like this in your area? We have Yorkshire wildlife park and Twycross zoo as our nearest zoo type places to visit.

A trip to the seaside

If you live near the coast then a trip to the seaside somewhere like Bournemouth could be a nice option. Again it is easy to go for a walk whilst staying socially distances. If you are in Devon dating then you have a bit of an advantage as they are a lower tier at the moment than a lot of the rest of the country!

There is no reason something like this has to be done during the day, why not have a sunset or sunrise walk for a bit of added romance? Even if it is snowing you can wrap up warm and still do this, just pop to Costa on the way for a hot chocolate to take with you!

A night of drinks on Zoom

You know those dates that don’t go well and you have to get a mate to ring you with an “emergency” so you can escape? The advantage of a few drinks on zoom is that you can simply click off and claim the internet connection got lost!

There is no reason to wear heels that are uncomfortable or worry about which bag to take with you. Another thing not to worry about is who will pay, and you can pour measures in the size you want because he/she can’t see the strength of spirits you are pouring! Probably not as easy with wine or beer though!

This sort of date works whether you are in Edinburgh or Newquay or anywhere in between!

What would be your ideal date that maintains social distancing? Have you had any dates during this whole crazy pandemic? I have no idea how I would have coped so glad I have Stuart but do feel for single friends. Hope these ideas help some of you.

If you are in Cornwall and happily in tier one at the moment there are some amazing ideas of places to visit in Cornwall here. The only place I have been in the area is the Eden Project which is amazing and definitely somewhere I would recommend. Camel Creek looks fun too.

Hopefully, it won’t be long before you can go to places like the beautiful york for their coffee shops.

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