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Back in the 80’s finding a date was a case of either meeting people in person at a pub, club or event or an advert in the paper. The dating ads would be a few lines of what the person was seeking and nothing more. Until you met you had no idea who you were meeting unless you exchanged pictures by post!

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Starting Online Dating

Now with the world of online dating, it is so different. Mobile phones mean each step of getting to know someone before meeting them can happen almost overnight. No waiting for Royal Mail or leaving a message through a premium rate phone number. Have you considered speed dating? It is definitely a newer thing but what a great idea!

Within minutes of finding someone you want to know more about you can know about where they live, their family, job and all their hobbies. I love this idea but I guess it must have some pitfalls too. Maybe the suspense previously was exciting? Who knows, but there has to be a reason it is all online nowadays!

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Choosing a date

Are you looking for a relationship with someone who lives in your area? Most people are so this makes some websites more popular than others. Those where you can search by distance from you are a great way of finding local potential dates. Another way is using dedicated websites for particular areas by finding Yorkshire dating sites or Nottinghamshire dating sites for example.

By joining these you know that everyone you consider is in your county. Love Yorkshire Singles is one of these sites. Perfect if you live in Yorkshire and don’t want to fall for someone who lives down in St Albans for example as it is too far away. People living in that area would be found instead on a
Hertfordshire dating site like Love Hertfordshire singles. I would definitely suggest finding someone local to date rather than long distance. It surely has to be easier.

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Young Couple Having a Picnic

Finding somewhere to meet

When you are deciding where to meet there are still similar choices to what was about years ago. Many people meet in a pub or coffee shop but there are so many other possibilities. I would love to be taken on a picnic for a first date or perhaps to a museum or art gallery. It has to be better, in my opinion, than just a pub!

If you are looking for somewhere to take the first date my advice would be to make sure it fits your personality. There is no point taking someone to a pub for a first date if actually you are teetotal and choose never go to pubs!

Attitudes to dating and relationships

I think there have been a lot of changes over the years to the general attitudes people have. In more recent years it seems more acceptable to want to meet someone for fun and perhaps a sexual encounter but not want a relationship.

If you are honest on your profile you will inevitably meet people who are like you with the same values and expectations.

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