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We all experience stress from time to time. This can be caused by all sorts of factors in our lives – from work to relationships to occasions and break-ins and more. Stress is totally normal. But there are certain things like decluttering your house that shouldn’t add to your levels of stress and these are things that you have control over.

Now, there are countless things we could focus on here. But for now, let’s focus on your home. Your home should be your safe haven. It should be a space where you are able to relax and let your hair down. Where you feel comfortable. Where you can easily engage in activities that you enjoy. But for some of us, our homes simply add to our stress level and this can largely be attributed to clutter and mess.


Messy spaces tend to be overwhelming and also add to our feelings of being overwhelmed, as we consistently put off neatening them up. By decluttering and sorting your living space out, you can actively reduce stress in your life! Here are some steps that you can take to get started on this stress-busting project.


The first, and perhaps most important, step on this journey is decluttering. By decluttering you can remove unnecessary belongings from your home, freeing up space and reducing the amount of mess around. Everything will feel more free and open. Now, decluttering takes a few key steps, but these are simple and relatively straightforward.

  • Find what you don’t need – start out by finding items and belongings you don’t need. If you don’t use them and they have no real sentimental value, chances are, they can go.
  • Sell items of value – if any of these items have value, you may want to sell them. A good bet is using online sales platforms like eBay, Etsy, Depop or Facebook marketplace. Carboot sales can be good for items of lower value too.
  • Recycle and donate – for anything else, you should recycle or donate where possible. There are plenty of charity stores out there and recycling plants take a lot of items too!

Invest in Storage Solutions

For the items that remain, you’re going to need storage solutions. Now, there are effective and appealing storage solutions out there for near enough anything you may have in your home. If you keep leaving clothes draped over chairs and bannisters, look at Wardrobes from Tylko. If you have kids’ toys lying around, get a toy chest. If you leave books and magazines all over the place, bookshelves and magazine racks will prove useful.

Keep On Top of Things

Once you’ve completed the first two steps of decluttering your house, you just need to keep on top of things. Homes can quickly slip back into disarray if you don’t manage them properly on a daily basis. Make sure you and other people in your home avoid buying or bringing home items that you don’t need and that everyone picks up after themselves.

Sure, these steps may sound basic. But so many people fail to stick to them! Hopefully, this information will serve as a good reminder and get you started out in the right direction!

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