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Do you know what’s not talked about enough in the interior design world? Luxury, opulence and the finer things in life. The reason for this is because it’s a niche market. The middle class far outweigh the voice of the wealthy and that’s generally had an impact on what we talk about in terms of decor and style.

Thankfully, however, more and more middle-class people are venturing out into the world of crystal, Merino wool, fine English sparkling wine, silver and gold ornaments, Ottomans and marble sinks. If you’re one of those that are just dying at the chance to explore your own decor options but you’re currently stuck for ideas, this shall give you an inkling into how you should start. 

A softer awakening

Many interior designers will tell you, ‘start in the living room and work your way out’. There’s another way, however. Waking up to a soft silk pillowcase is one of the best feelings in life. The smooth, delicate and soft texture hugs your face and allows your hair full freedom to move even under pressure. Start out with some Italian silk pillowcases and bed sheets. Because the sheets need to be durable, they will be mixed with high-quality wool. Usually, the mix you’ll get is around 40% silk and 60% Merino wool or pure Egyptian cotton. The pillowcases, however, might be a mixture of the same proportions of silk and satin. Pure silk on its own is very delicate and smooth but prone to easy wear and tear. But if you still want pure silk pillow look for brands like Mulberry and Gingerlily.

An ancient standard

Everybody knows that if you want to get the best of something, you have to go with a certain country. If you want the best suits in the world, you go to Savile Row in London. However, if you want the finest espresso, you go to Rome in Italy. If you want the finest rugs in the world, you have to go to the Middle-East or Arabia. Persian rugs are made from incredibly fine silk strands and the best in the world will always be handcrafted. If you’re worried about maintaining rugs that literally cost tens of thousands of dollars, you always have the Devine Rug Wash service. They are highly-trained and knowledgeable professionals who gently but thoroughly clean Persian rugs. Persian rugs are the ancient standard. They have been the pillar of opulence for thousands of years.

Red richness

There is no arguing when it comes to what is the best flooring in the world. You’ll see this material in penthouses, mansions, villas, and even yachts. The rich and famous always choose mahogany flooring because the rich red color together with the sheer smoothness and quality of the wood is simply unparalleled. Make sure that it’s Brazilian mahogany instead of Mexican as the grains are finer and more aged.

There’s nothing wrong with not settling for anything other than the finer materials in life for your home. Look for Mulberry and Gingerlily silk pillowcases and bed sheets for wrinkle-free soft sleeping.

Enjoying The Finer Things In Decor

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