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2019 has brought many outstanding interior designs to the forefront of the American zeitgeist. Many will stand the test of time while others are already on the way out. You should collaborate with the best interior designers in your city to help you with everything from the kitchen to entryway design. You can learn more about which trends to implement into your home and which ones to steer clear of.

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Try: Layered Landscapes

A layered landscape takes into account the height of every piece of furniture. Generally, you want a standard seat height of 18 inches. The accent tables should match. Additionally, the lamps should be tall enough to bring light over your shoulder. You can even incorporate some taller cocktail tables to create a more refined atmosphere.

Avoid: Low-Profile

In the past, low-profile furniture was all the rage. Couches and chairs were as low as they possibly could. These were often complemented with shag rugs. It gave the impression everyone was squatting, and it is no longer en vogue in 2019.

Try: Bouclé

More houses are beginning to incorporate bouclé into their designs. It is great for upholstered items, and you are starting to see it more and more in showrooms. Adding a fantastic texture to pieces, transforming something from drab to chic. It is also incredibly cosy.

Avoid: Leather

Leather has been a popular furniture material for decades now. Unfortunately, it is starting to decline in popularity. While the visual aesthetic of leather is still desirable, the feel has got to go. Some companies are beginning to make vinyl alternatives to leather that look just like it but are far more comfortable to the touch.

Try: Curved Sofas

When you walk into any furniture store, you will find all kinds of couches. All of them come with their advantages, but in 2019, you really want to turn your eye toward curved sofas. These are far more preference when it comes to hosting guests and having conversations. Much of interior design Santa Barbara has begun to center around these couches and for good reason.

Avoid: Centering Furniture Around a TV

It makes sense for living rooms to be centered around a TV with all of the furniture facing that way. However, with more people cutting the cord, that layout is a thing of the past. This offers a freeing sensation to decorators who may have better ideas on how to utilize the space.

Try: Plants

Plants no longer only belong in the backyard. There has been a growing interest in bringing greenery indoors to strengthen the connection between humanity and nature. These plants pair incredibly well with wood floors, natural daylight and stone. Technology has overtaken many people’s lives, but with this design layout, you can get back to the simple things.

If you have any questions or unique ideas of your own, then do not hesitate to speak with an interior designer. You can find an experienced one near you who can help you attain the home of your dreams. Find one today if you are stuck and do not know where else to go.

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The Design Trends To Try (And Those To Avoid) in 2019

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