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It is three years now since the first lockdown and everyone had to work from home. Do we still need offices now or has everything changed? Here are my thoughts and experiences.

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What has changed in the last 10 years?

Even if we take lockdown out of the equation and just think about the other differences we have seen, offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Have you noticed the changes too?

As part of my job now I often have to sign contracts, where years ago they would be sent through the post then they became emailed and printed to sign now it is even more digital. Most contracts are now signed online with companies like Vizolution making it so easy.

Customers no longer need offices to be open to provide evidence or sign documents. Instead, we usually have to scan items or photograph items and sign documents online. When we bought our house a year ago I didn’t even meet the conveyancing solicitors, everything was done online!

What do you think the next change will be? I really can’t imagine how things could change to be even more technical but I am sure there will be further changes in years to come.

Working from home – advantages for workers and employers

Working from home isn’t just great for employees who would like to spend less time commuting and more time in the comfort of their own homes but also for employers too. Even by providing an allowance for internet, desks, chairs etc there will still be significant amounts saved in comparison to paying to heat, power and buy/rent an office block.

When I was at university even the internet was in its infancy so now looking at how things have changed I really wonder what will come next. Maybe businesses will be able to send out products via drone or robots will be serving us in shops and restaurants.

I recently saw some travel vloggers on YouTube in Japan eating at a restaurant where they were served by a robot! I hope that comes here too it would be so much fun. The only thing I would hope those is that there are still jobs behind it in the training or programming of robots and everyone can still work.

I often wonder how much is done behind the scenes now by technology and robots. Perhaps soon we won’t see people behind businesses any more and everything will be done remotely in the same way as signing contracts.

What changes in technology would you like to see?

I would love to see a way for social media networks to properly verify people with some form of technology or artificial intelligence. It would prevent so many crimes don’t you think?

Just by actually verifying the users there would be less bullying online as users could be traced effectively and perhaps other crimes such as romance fraud, grooming and even stalking would be reduced too.

Do we still need offices? Have you done anything recently remotely that has surprised you? Do let me know in the comments below.

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