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I am quite a dreamer and like to imagine moving house to big lovely houses with so many features and generally things I don’t need to make a lovely life somewhere new. When I win millions in some way this is what I will be looking to buy! My dream home is amazing, what about yours?

A sale sign in front of a building

The sort of home I would love

When looking at estate agents I have seen so many lovely homes. I love all the old properties with lots of history but also modern features.

If a home has been around quite some time then I imagine all the people who have lived there, the stories they had and my mind wanders.

Do you like a home with history? When I lived in a 200 year old home a few years ago I spent ages researching the area and what sort of people used to live in those homes. I do find it so very fascinating.

My dream kitchen

I love old-style kitchens with big pantries and lots of tall cupboards but with a new touch. Islands in the middle would be perfect but clearly not so much a thing of the past. If I was to try and find a picture of my perfect kitchen this would probably be close. though without the plates and clutter!

I would want all the modern appliances but the old style kitchen, a nice mix of old and new I think is perfect in a dream home, whether it is practical or not I don’t know!

A large kitchen with stainless steel appliances and wooden cabinets

My dream bedroom

I love bedrooms with big bay windows and lots of sun. All that natural light when doing make-up and the fresh airy feel of the sun beaming in when you wake up.

I would love a walk in wardrobe and a large dressing area too with a high ceiling and generally just a large open space.

When I look at old traditional bedrooms I love the way they have so much space around the bed and such large chunky ornate wooden beds.

A made bed in a bedroom

Location of my dream home

I would love to live in the country but within easy distance of a decent size city. The sort of place with a few small traditional shops to buy the essentials then making trips into the city for other things.

My home would be in a large garden with stylish upcycled furniture (preferably with a gardener as I am rubbish at gardening!) with mature fruit trees (I grew up with pear trees) and very much how I remember picturing my Grandmas garden when I was young. Bushes to hide in and trees to climb for children coming to visit alongside fruit trees so I can use seasonal fruits in recipes and plenty of space for a BBQ.

One thing I would love my garden to have is a summer house, not one of these modern ones but an old but well looked after one, ideally very Victorian style. Could you imagine afternoon tea in a Victorian summer house? I would like a home office in the garden too!

What would your dream house be like?

How would you describe your dream home? Would it be in the city or countryside? Do you prefer old and traditional or modern and stylish? What would your kitchen and bedroom be like? Do you have dreams like mine? Please do let me know your dreams in the comments below. Do you have a young one who would love a Marvel-themed room or perhaps a gaming room?

A room with a wood floor

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