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Do you ever sit and browse houses for sale in your area? I love looking at the big luxury houses and imagining owning them. Not only that but looking at houses in our area or areas I have lived to be nosey is good too.

A friend recently sent me a link to the house I lived in when Ben was a baby as it is up for sale. It was strange looking at how it had changed in some ways and not in others, It is 13 years since I moved from there!

A dream home
A dream home

What makes you fall in love with a house?

When you are looking at different houses what do you look for? I look for a nice garden with mature trees but also space to relax and maybe even a pool for Ben.

Houses with lots of light really tempt me whether that is old or new houses light and clean is something that really does make me want it. There is nothing worse than looking at pictures of a house and seeing doom and gloom is there?

I would love a house where nothing immediately needs doing so no worn carpets or damaged walls that need attention. A house where all my belongings and new furniture I would buy could fit beautifully in without stress.

I guess different areas attract buyers looking for different qualities in a home. If it is in the school catchment area you may be happy to overlook a home’s faults to live within that area. Families looking for homes in Prattville AL are going to be looking for that small-town vibe with all the urban amenities. The houses there look lovely.

Do you love a house to be like a blank canvas or with lots of character? My preference is definitely a bit of character but not too much. I love things like lots of light-coloured walls and light-coloured parquet flooring as it makes the room look so crisp and fresh. Doesn’t this flooring look lovely?

Light coloured parquet flooring

What puts you off a dream home?

I don’t know about you but I hate to see pictures of a home for sale where there are so many of the present owner’s possessions it detracts from the actual rooms. I am all for people not having to move all their belongings for a house to sell but full bookcases and cluttered rooms can make it look so small don’t you think?

The bathroom can easily put me off a home too. Whether it be a hideous colour or just generally dirty it really puts me off a house, even if it was just a dream home I would never afford anyway!

One thing I hate about house adverts is when they don’t show a room or area they have mentioned. Now, remember at the beginning of this post I told you that a house I lived in when Ben was a baby is up for sale?

Well, they have mentioned the back yard but not shown it. Now I know why because it is tiny and pointless but it is off-putting all the same when estate agents seem to want to hide a certain room or area, don’t you think?

My ultimate dream home would be somewhere like Newstead Abbey which isn’t far from us! Clearly, this is far beyond my reach but I can dream, can’t I?

Newstead abbey

What puts you off a dream home? Do you often look on Right Move to see what lovely houses are in your area? If one is near an area with a poor reputation does it initially put you off?

Do comment and let me know if you love a crisp light airy feel with neutral walls and flooring to be able to give the character you choose.

If you have seen any particularly lovely houses, or hideous ones for that matter do send me a link too I love a good nosey!

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